Dr. Sanda Moldovan

What I Learned From My Summer Trip – Halotherapy

08/23/15 | Categories: Other
I decided last minute to take a trip to Romania, so I couldn’t resist to book a 5 day trip to a local balneotherapeutic resort in the Carpathian Alps of Transylvania. Romania has the most resorts of this sort compared to other European countries. The th… more »

Breakthroughs in Dental Implants

08/21/15 | Categories: Dental Implants
Last week and I was invited to participate in the North American Dental Implant Advisory Council, sponsored by Nobel Biocare, one of the largest dental implant companies in the world. A group of experts of about 60 doctors from North America were select… more »

Are You Ready For Your Close-Up On Emmy Night?

08/04/15 | Categories: Behind the Scenes
I will be seeing some of the most famous faces on television over the next few weeks at my Beverly Hills practice. It’s one of the busiest months of the year for my hygienists as the stars nominated for Emmys come in for teeth cleanings, whitening proce… more »

When to Choose Titanium vs Zirconia Dental Implants

07/30/15 | Categories: Dental Implants
Titanium has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the last 20 years, in both medical and dental fields. From hip replacement to knee replacement to dental implants, titanium has demonstrated high success rates in millions of patients. It is succ… more »

Are You Honest About Flossing?

06/26/15 | Categories: Oral Health
A new national survey released this month reveals 27 percent of U.S. adults admit they lie to their dentist about how often they floss their teeth. Out of a little over 2000 people, more than one-third 36 percent would rather do an unpleasant activity l… more »

Will Missing A Molar Affect My Health?

06/20/15 | Categories: Dental Implants
Just imagine firing up your kitchen blender, only to realize a blade is missing or damaged–well, your recipe wouldn’t come out right, would it? So it is with missing molars. The 12 teeth located on the upper and lower jaw in the back of our mouths next… more »

It’s An Inside Job – Can This Mouth Be Saved?

06/16/15 | Categories: Dental Implants
Modern science has allowed us to restore a smile in a day. What used to take weeks, even months of visits to your dentist can now be handled in two appointments. However, that doesn’t mean we can do all the work for you. Taking care of your teeth and gu… more »

What If My Implant Fails?

05/12/15 | Categories: Oral Health, Dental Implants
I was invited to give a lecture at NYU together with Dr. Olga Malkin. We presented cases that have to do with transitioning someone from a full mouth of teeth into dental implants without the use of a denture. Traditionally, someone who is losing all th… more »

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