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Cancer Treatments Show Side Effects Inside The Mouth

Cancer Treatments Show Side Effects Inside The Mouth

When an illness such as breast cancer strikes, it’s easy to forget about the teeth. But it is important to continue with good oral hygiene practices to keep your body as clean as possible to prevent opportunistic infections. There are billions of bacteria in the mouth who would love to seize the opportunity to pounce on a weakened immune system if given the chance. They love to hide in places that are hard to reach, and can cause not only cavities, but bone loss around the teeth.

Chemotherapy treatment can cause dry mouth, and this increasing susceptibility to cavities. Radiation can cause painful sores inside the mouth, making it very difficult to talk or eat. I recommend using fresh aloe Vera gel to soothe and heal the oral wounds. Cancer treatments can result in breast cancer patients to be exhausted and depressed. To make their dental hygiene routine easier, I trust the Waterpik water flosser for an easier way to floss during those difficult times.

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