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Dr. Sanda Moldovan is consistently in demand as the ‘go-to’ oral health expert for a diverse group of media outlets. Dr. Sanda is an authority on biological dentistry, anti-aging, and oral health. She is in demand nationally and internationally as a continuing education provider for dental and medical professionals. Her latest book on alternative medicine, HEAL UP!: Seven Ways to Faster Healing and Optimum Health is due out in 2018
(Advantage | Forbes Books).

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  • All-on-4® Smile Makeover

    “Inside Edition” chronicles the restoration of 70’s ‘It’ girl Valerie Perrine’s beautiful smile. Parkinson’s disease made eating near impossible resulting in Valerie’s teeth rotting and falling out. We gave her back her ability to chew comfortably and flash her famous red carpet smile all over again. Video Transcript
    Valerie Perrine is best remembered as Lex Luthor's girlfriend in the original Superman movie. The bombshell was one of the hottest sex symbols of the 70s. Her beauty and exquisite face made her a sought-after Hollywood sensation, but today Valerie's life has taken a dramatic turn. She is 74-year-old and suffers from a severe case of Parkinson's disease. Brain surgery to stop the shaking was unsuccessful. Now medication she takes to manage her Parkinson's is making her teeth so brittle they're falling out. Unable to eat solid food she's also malnourished. Today we're with Valerie as she attempts to restore her once perfect smile. So, great to see you, thank you are you excited? I'm petrified. Beverly Hills Periodontist Sanda Moldavan will use implants to permanently replace Valerie's upper teeth. You're going to smile it's going to be stable you're not going to have to remove it in and out and you'll be able to eat and enjoy everything. Thank goodness. Using a model the doctor explains how it's done that really is replacing a full row of teeth with four implants and a fixed prosthesis. Okay so let's do it. Let's get on with it. Valerie is sedated the doctor starts by removing all the Valerie's remaining upper teeth she uses a special tool to loosen then. It allows me to remove the teeth in a more gentler way. Next it's time to strengthen Valerie's jaw the doctor actually harvest some unneeded bone from Valerie's mouth we're going to use the bone that we harvested from other areas and we're going to plug it up in the holes where the teeth used to be and that will help maintain the shape of the jaw then screws are attached directly to her jawbone. After some adjustments, a complete set of upper teeth is ready to be permanently attached the process takes six hours. Her procedure went great I really had a hard time with her bone it was very soft the teeth were breaking down but she was sleeping so beautifully and peacefully and I was able to do my best work. One week later back with Valerie. What do you think? It's perfect. I'm so glad you think so I love for you. The American Beauty who once graced the silver screen is now able to smile again.

    Dr. Sanda Moldovan Media Reel

    Dr. Sanda on Extra, The Doctors, Klean Radio, NBC, The Oscars and on various red carpets. Video Transcript
    Hi, guys I’m Doctor Sanda. Beverly hills periodontist and nutritionist Doctor Sanda. Amazing, the mouth is the gateway to your health. You will walk out of here with a beautiful smile. We do have periodontist doctor Sanda Moldavan. Oh my God, thank you so much. In my practice I see a lot of patients that are using string floss and they actually damage their gums and they swell up a little bit that's why they're tender it's almost like having a splinter in your hand. One of the biggest causes of bad breath is not necessarily the battle with hygiene but it could be not brushing your tongue. Recently I spoke with clean radio about my work with recovering addicts. As a periodontist I treat the foundation around the teeth. I look at the gums and the health of somebody's mouth and overall health you can see in the gums actually. We avoid any kind of bone grafting. So, ultimately it's a minimally invasive procedure. I've had patients that haven't had back teeth for 10-20 years and they said “oh my god everybody's telling me that I look 15 years younger.” I'm here at the 2015 oscars gifting suites and I'm so amazed to see how we've grown as a culture. I'm only hoping that next year we'll have xylitol instead of sugar. It tastes just like sugar and it looks like sugar so your kids wouldn't even know the difference. So, we're just finishing up their nails procedure everything went perfect. In one day everyone that that is just to me remarkable.
  • Extra TV

    Dr. Sanda explains in front of a 'live' TV audience at Universal Studios how to use oral irrigation flossers, such as Waterpik. Video Transcript
    Well, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're giving away the Waterpik water flosser and here to tell us all about is Beverly Hills Periodontist and nutritionist doctor Sanda. Hi doctor what he got for us. Hi Mario, the Waterpik water flosser actually gets in learn within 60 seconds. It cleans away all the food debris. Really? So, that you keep free of periodontal disease or gum disease and free of cavities. Woah, that sounds great. Well, listen for your chance to win a water flosser just go to and sign up to win. But right now, I'm give some away, who wants beautiful teeth?

    All-on-4™ Treatment

    Dr. Sanda explains the All-on-4 dental procedure which affords a full mouth of teeth in just one day, on this episode of “The Doctors.” Video Transcript
    What's going to happen is we're going to keep all her bottom teeth. We're going to put a beautiful temporary bridge and on the top, what we're going to do is a procedure called all-on-four. Because we're going to use four implants, to stabilize a full set of teeth. Because she hasn't had back teeth in a long time, Paula's bite is completely out of whack. So, what we have to do is rebalance her muscles and find out where the correct bite is for her new smile and we did that using a tens machine which actually does electrical stimulation of the muscles to relax them in the right bite.

    I'm going to be able to express the joy I have on the inside on the outside after today. Now that Paula is sedated, Doctor Simon will go in and start preparing her lower teeth. He is lasering the gums to make them own even for the bottom. Now that he's done with a lasering, he's going to be removing all the old fillings and recontouring the teeth. We're taking an impression right now, so we can finalize the bridge outside of her mouth, while I'm working on the top. First thing I'm going to do is use a piezo electric machine to detach a little muscle attachment that engages the teeth into the jaw bone, so the teeth will come out really easy. There we are. You're going to take out seven teeth total we actually saved the bone and we recycle it. I'm ready to start repairing the implant beds where the implants will lie. So, I'm going to start preparing the bed starting with the right one, okay. So, now that we put in the four implants I'm going to use that recycled bone to plug in the holes left behind. We are ready to attach the abutment onto the implants, so we can support the teeth. Doctor Simon is going to take an impression to relate the implant position to Greg, who's going to fabricate the teeth. Now that we place the implants and the abutments we're going to take the bridge and finalize it in the lab and finally our last step, putting in the upper and lower bridges. Smile beautiful.

    I have to tell you I'm really looking forward to seeing Paula's new smile. This was just yesterday. How did she do with this? It was amazing she's such an amazing person because after he really hours of the procedure she was still smiling she came out of there smiling and excited. They were not smiling watching the procedure, we can tell you that. We have Paulo's fan club here. In the audience we have Kirsten I'm sorry Kirsten, her sister's Heidi and Ingrid and her son Anthony and you guys haven't seen Paula since she had the procedure. No. This happened yesterday Paula has not seen her new smile, I want to remind every policy we haven't this is what Paula looked like before yesterday and are we all ready are we now Paula come on out. I want you to go stand in front of this chair because I think. It's time. I want to show everyone a side-by-side before and after and then we're going to let you see Paula for yourself the amazing work that these dentists have done for you and your smile. You see yourself. Unbelievable and and Doctor Simon explained to us why giving back her teeth and the supporting structures around the teeth just make her face look overall better. Absolutely when you're missing your back teeth for a long time, what happens is all the muscles sink in. So, you lose the dimension of your face and your face shrinks. So, we were able to give you the volume back and the length back by giving you the contours of the teeth, so you build that out. Saying I want to show some footage of what you did in an animation, so that of course everyone who is having trouble watching the surgery will understand what you did. So, this is of course what Paula was dealing with yeah initially.

    Yeah, Travis. So, what we have is like big decay right here. We have gums that are really, really inflamed because when you don't have teeth in the back there what she was using is using her front teeth for everything. So, they really got a beating. So, you could see here how beat up even her old fillings were and her teeth really started shifting because when you're over using them that happens. Even her teeth that remained were severely damaged right, so you had to go do a fairly significant procedure and walk us through what you're what you're showing us here. The amazing thing about this all on for treatment concept is that we're actually saving money and we could use bone that we do have available, so we're placing four implants and we avoid any kind of bone grafting. So, ultimately, it's a minimally invasive procedure. That's why Paula actually looks as good that she does because she doesn't have any of the bruising and swelling associated with bone grafting procedures that we would do traditionally. Oh, you ready to do some modelling again. I mean that is just to be remarkable. In one day everyone, one day that’s one day. Doctor Sanda and Doctor Simion thank you.
  • The Doctors

    An energy device introduced by Dr. Sanda to “The Doctors” TV audience which eliminates excruciating pain associated with TMJ, post-surgery discomfort and even aches and soreness from intense workouts. Video Transcript
    There's something for everybody. In the all new today, the doctors eliminate back pain in just 20 minutes, prevent drunk driving with a visit to the restroom. This thing is so shocking that maybe it gets you out of your buttz. They think they use it on back pain leg pain menstrual cramps. The brand-new device you can't live without what it does it just resets the whole energy field around the body. Then this is your stomach and this is your stomach on food poisoning. Any questions? This is why science is so cool. Plus, it's proven to remove wrinkles and it isn't a cream, find out what it is and how you can get it. Welcome to the doctors. Thank you so very much for being here. Your back aches jaw pain constant ear popping and upset stomach, you know we've all been there and that's why today we're giving you information on how to reduce your pain with the latest breakthrough procedures, prevent sickness with cutting-edge gadgets and even reverse signs of aging with the newest products. So, we're going to get right into it because did you know that as many as 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, trying everything from surgical procedures to acupuncture medications even hypnosis. Well, periodontists Doctor Moldovan is back in our procedure room with her patient Sonja who suffers from excruciating TMJ pain so Doctor Moldavan you've been using this device on your patients with TMJ pain? That's right Travis i've been using this device for over a year now and the nice thing about it is it takes the pain without any side-effects. So, it works just like a Chinese medicine is based on the Meridian pathways, that are in our body you know our body is just an electrical being, basically. So, what it does it just like it's a reset button for the energy to flow freely in our body because pain what really is it's actually just a blockage of energy and you know I use it on myself as well and that's what made me a believer because it took my pain away and literally 10 to 12 minutes. Wow, and you're putting the the device on the shoulders but you're trying to alleviate the pain in her TMJ or joint jaw joint. Can you explain how that works? Definitely you know what happens is the TMJ pain is actually not because of the pain right here it's usually all connected. So, you know the neck and the musculature the neck with the face it's all connected. So, sometimes TMJ patients even have pain down their back. So, what I actually did before this treatment I treated her to put her in alignment I put energy. We're going to check back in and see how the treatment on Sanja is going and you want to move on

    The doctors get scientific about your antacids. Its like you had the heart burnt and t just went away. Oh, wow and later a modern take on an ancient treatment what it does it just resets the whole energy field around the body. Welcome back, we're talking about the latest breakthrough procedures and products hitting the market and how they may reduce pain and prevent sickness. Who doesn't after all have a little bit of pain from time to time whether it's neck pain maybe your ear hurts a headache well earlier in the show we met Sanja who's been suffering from jaw pain due to TMJ. She was testing out a new device to help alleviate the pain Doctor Moldavan, is here to help explain not only what TMJ is but but how a device like this may help someone like Sanja? Yeah you know Santa's been suffering for quite a few years for TMJ pain and it doesn't just stay in the jaw it actually affects the neck, the entire head and neck, exactly and the nice thing about this device is that it doesn't have any side effect and it really balances out the energy that's really disturbed when we have pain. Let's let's talk about what TMJ is. So, really the TMJ or the temporomandibular joint which is a mouthful, is really a joint and it's the most complex joint in the body and because and not doesn't just move like a knee, but it's free-floating it can go forward and sideways. That's why you can dislocate it. Exactly how it falls out of its, Yeah, so what happens is the temporal mandibular disorders what happens is actually there's a stress here in the joint that actually affects not only the disk, which you see here in blue but also the muscles of the side of the face and the back of the neck because it's really all connected. So, what happens is people that are stressed out and let's face it there's so much stress out there today. I think we're going to see more and more TMJ problems in the future, and so you were saying this device which you know a with pain like this you're looking to do things that don't have side effects but the theory and how it works is is what again? It's really based on energy so you know we all know that matter is equals energy especially today traditional Chinese medicine really chose the Meridian pathways. So, you have pain for example in your elbow and that pain is not it's a disturbance in the energy field and what happens is by using the myhealth device in that area, you actually getting increased circulation and you're getting increased hydration in the joint. Well what Doctor Moldovan is talking about is been around for years this is Chinese ancient medicine the idea of Chi and energy moving through your body so it's neat that you're actually using a device that takes ancient practices practices into consideration because we're also Western medicine based. So, like what types of successes are you having is it can you use it on back pain leg pain menstrual cramps I mean is that can this be used on any type of pain or is this just something for TMJ. It works on all pain because all pain is the same it's a disturbance and energy at an atomic level really. So, what it does it just resets the whole energy field around the body. So, I use it for surgical pain. I use it for TMJ pain. I use it for toothache for example. I use it for after a workout for example you could use it for that. So, it works really well. So, it is interesting how you know more and more studies will look at Eastern medicine, acupuncture for say migraine headache pain and its superior in many cases to pills. Yeah without side effects, nice and so there there's something to looking for alternatives that don't have the quote unquote side-effects that we traditionally associate with medicines etc. Sanja have to ask how are you feeling. I feel like I just had an hour massage, it's amazing really came in yeah I was very I had a lot of tension in my neck and in my jaws i've extremely strong jaws, yeah, and i've been using this she's been using it on me I don't know how long half an hour and I just want to curl up and take a nap you think that do you feel tingling or anything is it because there's a mild electric pules, yes, right, yeah you get a little exactly so the machine what happens is it works in dual mode. It has a micro current that goes through it and you actually feel like a little tingling and it also has a pulsed electromagnetic field kind of like little waves of energy and you don't have to use it necessarily on the body. Okay now so my mom is going to be asking me where can where did she get this I mean do people buy this do you have to go to someone's office to get this done I mean. That's a great question and it's nice that this technology I can actually prescribe to a patient. So, we can prescribe it and they can have it at home learn how to use it and yes yeah its worth a shot, great, absolutely Doctor Moldavan, thank you so much.

    Here’s to Your Health

    “Here’s to Your Health” host Josh Lane receives a crash course from Dr. Sanda in the benefits of homeopathic dentistry, canker sore treatment, perils of periodontal disease and many other common oral health challenges. Video Transcript
    Good afternoon everybody Thank You Josh for giving me the opportunity. I think we're going to have a really nice segment with my guest Doctor Sanda Moldovan who is a dentist in Beverly Hills in Santa Monica a couple of other places and she's going to answer my questions and tell us about her would you like to introduce yourself and give a little bit about your background and what you do.

    Yes, definitely. Thank you, Rafael for inviting me number one I'm excited to be here to talk about oral health. And really my motto is if the eyes are the windows to the soul then the mouth is a gateway into your overall health.

    I Like that

    Yeah and I think it's so often forgotten especially when we go to the doctor they forget to look in the mouth, so I'm really trying to bridge the gap between dentistry and medicine. So, I'm Doctor Sanda and I have a periodontal training with a master's in oral biology and I also have a certified nutritionist and

    Nice combination

    Thank you I see so many nutritional deficiencies in the mouth. So, that's why I decided to go and study more nutrition and to combine the two.

    I have a question regarding that because I don't know if it's because I'm from France but I remember as a kid, I had a lot of teeth issues and the only thing that the dentist would tell me don't eat candies right but they wouldn't tell me anything else. We were not really good at you know frosting and everything but I think it's so important to know what food can do for you right and how it can help and how it can also damage your teeth

    Definitely and you know we have a lot of cavities not only in children now but also in adults that we see today because of the dry mouth issues that we have today we have more and more people on different medications and you know that could cause dry mouth but also with children you know I grew up in Romania. So, actually I have quite a bit of a number of fillings in my mouth and I visited the dentists quite a bit and I was told the same thing like you know just don't eat candies but actually it's not just the candy for example chocolate we can have chocolate


    And it's so beneficial for for our health especially dark chocolate

    So, you mean even even though it has sugar

    Even though it has sugar it's not a sticky food so if you have a sweet tooth then you want to satisfy that craving just have a piece of dark chocolate


    I know that's great and it doesn't cause cavities. What causes cavities actually sticky foods so like toffee but also bread bread bagels chips you know so it's not just candy.

    So, this starchy food or the the carbohydrate that turns turn into sugar it stays there that's what we should be more aware of

    Exactly that's where we should be more aware of because the bacteria that causes cavities loves that sticky food that carbohydrate like food. So, it causes a lot acid and that acid as a byproduct of their eating destroys the tooth that's what really happens

    What if you brush your teeth right after you ate bread is that okay or I love bread so I am trying to find a way.

    I love bread too and that's actually very important. At least let's say it's great to brush your teeth after eating bread and even if you don't have a brush let's say just have some water swish it in your mouth and just check with your tongue to make sure you don't have any food stuck underneath that's a great way to to fix something you could still have the bread

    So, I'm sorry I interrupted you so you studied nutrition specifically because you wanted to understand more what happens with your the food and your teeth but also as a general way of being healthy, I guess

    Yes and also you know I do quite a bit of surgery. 70% of what I do are oral surgery like dental implants, biopsies interval grafting and really rebuilding smiles that's what I do. So, I saw that some patients would heal fine and some wouldn't and I wanted to give my patients some nutritional advice on how to heal better


    And I'm actually in the process of writing a book right now called healing for a pill-popping nation which should be out next few months.

    Oh that great you have to I have to let me know did you did you write all the books before

    No it's my first on

    That’s interesting

    And I will be talking actually about homeopathy

    Which is my favorite topic


    So, yeah and actually that's how we got to know each other better when you got into homeopathy and would you like to say you know what a little bit what you can do in homeopathy as a dentist and an oral surgeon

    Yeah I would love to and I love that homeopathy is so available today I can you walk into a natural food store and it's right there. So, I can send my patients

    Big change

    Yes big change from what it used to be. So, I'm glad I met you during the course and I took the course because I thought homeopathy was herbal

    Yeah a lot of people and we still need to clarify that I was judgment always trying to you know make the difference between homeopathy and herbal and we just need to repeat it because it is a little bit confusing

    I agree

    I don't know to be honest

    Yes, and you know the thing is herbal medication can be toxic but homeopathy is very safe and that's that's a major thing that I tell my patients a lot of them are worried oh you know can I overdose on arnica is I going to you know I said no I you know the homeopathy arnica you cannot. So, oh I got something that I use quite a bit right after surgery because it really helps with bruising and swelling and the discomfort following a procedure.

    So, because you didn't use homeopathy I don't know maybe two years ago, so you can really compare what you see now and what you used to see as far as the healing

    Yes, I definitely can compare the results and I have much less discomfort today compared to what I used to especially in more extensive procedures. Even for myself I use homeopathy arnica for example for bruising and I do find that it reduces the the length of the bruising as well as the discomfort

    I remember not so long ago I had a root canal and you know my dentist was very sorry you know you have to do it it's going to be really paying for them but I did my little protocol you know including Arnika and other medicines and maybe I was lucky but didn't you know I healed really fast didn't go didn't get the swelling and the pain so it's maybe something we should just advertise more

    Thats true and I would love to talk to more dentist about it because it's a great asset for our treatment protocol and it's something that's very safe and I can it really helps us

    But someone like you would be great to you know like advocate homeopathy to dentist because I have tried a little bit with what I call conventional dentist, it's it's just difficult they're not open to something different, so I'm always more successful with dentists who are more holistic and I think it's a shaming, so many people could benefit like you said it's safe it's not it's cost-effective


    And it works and it works yeah it's definitely cost-effective I actually keep even a jaolsemien for anxiety you know how many patients hate to come to the dental office oh here's my dental appointment you know for cleaning including myself I hate to be sitting in their chair yeah it's just Josiemiam it's a great medication to decrease that anxiety So, do you give it in the office so you tell the patient to be prepared and buy it before they come?

    I usually tell them to buy before they come in I carry with me even from when I fly you know if I have a long flight and I'm a little bit edgy about you know it just helps me calm down

    It comes you down and again you don't have the potential side effects on other medications you don't feel drowsy you still yourself


    And if you're just more relaxed

    Yes exactly

    Do you see a lot of bleeding gums or you know problem with I had a hard time understanding that gums are part of your not the mouth but the health of your mouth too. I thought if I have healthy teeth I'm fine but I you know in here probably Pilar with guns


    Receding gums and is that something that you see a lot too

    So, according to the National Institute of Health about 70% of people in the United States have some form of gum disease.

    That’s a lot,That’s seems to be a lot

    It is isn't it and you know that the thing is gum disease doesn't really cause pain until it's in its advanced stages.

    So, you don't realize you have it

    Exactly so most people unfortunately have the disease just like diabetes for example you know it doesn't cause anything so, half of the population that has diabetes don't even know they have it it's the same thing with the gum disease.

    So, only your dentist can determine if you have it and the early stages

    Yeah so normally you know we look at what it's called pocket depth. So, that's the gum around the tooth we measure their little distance to the to the base of the where the bone starts okay and if those pockets get higher and higher means you're starting to develop gum disease and it's such a complex disease because it's a chronic low-grade disease and it has a complete genetic component so some people are more predisposed to having it than others. It also has a bacterial component to which we could test for today and it also has to do with the patient's like immune system and their status whether they're stressed out we see more exacerbating disease and whether their vitamin D is low for example, we know that's associated with increasing dental infections and with the the whole thing about not getting in the Sun


    Your vitamin D level is very often lower now

    Yes, exactly and that's actually something as a nutritionist I do test my patients with just a simple finger prick you could actually test for a vitamin D.

    So, let me ask you if a patient comes to you do they know you're going to do all you have all that expertise or they just think you're going to take care of one tooth that's painful how do they approach you because this is pretty unique from what you're saying when you're doing your practice so

    Yeah so most patients I think still think of me I'm more of a periodontist

    Could you explain the difference of what a periodontist is exactly I'm

    Sure, actually your pretty right most people I think don’t know who a periodontist is unless you go visit one and then you will never forget. So, a periodontist we really treat the foundation around the teeth. So, we look at the bone health and the gum health around the teeth and we also

    X-ray or you can just by looking

    Oh, we do x-rays sometimes two-dimensional and sometimes three dimensionals like CT scans and also just by measuring and looking at the bleeding so I deal with not only periodontal disease but like putting dental implants and rebuilding structures rebuilding bone. So, it's a surgical profession

    But you also deal with the usual issues that you go to your dentist for or that's more you have a colleague who does that the cavities and all that

    Yes, I work with a colleague that does the general dentist who works with the cavities and things like that however as a nutritional side if I see somebody has several cavities, I'm going to talk to them about their diet and how to avoid and how to remineralize the teeth

    Well that's someting you can do


    Tell me about it

    So, if we actually test the ph and the saliva, we get different levels. So, ideally we'd like to be more of a neutral ph

    Which is around seven

    Seven seven point four is even better for the saliva. Most of us today because of the stress or processed foods or not enough water intake, we have an acidic ph

    Do you taste it test it within the paper


    Okay so we can even do it at home



    Yeah and it's something I do for myself just you're going to see where I'm at Does this vary during the day?

    It can vary during the day but ideally what you want to do is measure it in the morning


    When you wake up

    Because you haven't eaten


    You know then you can get an accurate level where your body is. So, if you're more on the acidic side what you want to do is incorporate foods in your diet that are more alkaline

    Such as

    Such as dark leafy greens reducing sugary foods and reducing starchy foods and like avoiding things that are really acidic like colas for example like things like that fruits are okay on the other side interestingly enough lemons and limes are alkaline forming

    And it's always a little bit difficult to end it because it tastes acidic but it's the way it's the byproducts are


    Alkaline but I know it's for people I think


    It's confusing just remember that we can we can have lemon and oranges Yes that's true however you know don't overdo

    Of course

    It just like anything else for example if we had a patient the other things that I four oranges a night I said wow that's extreme so if you really like citrus just remember don't brush your teeth right after eating citrus because what happens is in the mouth the fruit is acidic so even after drinking coca-cola for example don't brush your teeth white right away wait about half an hour for the saliva to rebalance a little bit the ph because what happens is if you actually brush right after eating four oranges you can wash away the enamel you can actually wear away the enamel

    I mean especially if you brush right when it's still acidic in your mouth that's interesting


    So, and if the saliva is acidic that's going to cause more cavities right it contributes to

    Yes that is right so the salaiva is acidic that can contribute more cavities and that's a way for you know for somebody to test themselves at home. There's so many self diagnostic tests that we could do at home today you know I mean the ph paper strips you could buy them at a natural food store today or a pharmacy

    Lets try it

    That’s very interesting because sometimes it seems that you eat the right food but maybe maybe it's not working for you or maybe it's not the right quantities so it's such an easy tool

    Exactly you know so there's something you could do at home so it's easy

    Would you say there's also a relationship between the ph in your saliva and canker sores I know if it's the right term but of tears ulcers or is it related to that?

    You know canker sores are a very interesting topic it can be related but what we find out today is canker sores can be related to gluten intolerance

    That's what I read yes

    So, I always if I see somebody that had canker sores I asked them if they have any stomach bloating or gas and what they're eating what their diet is like if somebody has wheat for breakfast lunch and dinner and they have the discomfort bloating gas and they get canker sores more likely they're going to have a gluten intolerance and they should get off the weeds and the breads that contain gluten

    So, again are we talking about canker sore twice a year or is it something that has to be really happening often so you're looking to it

    Yeah so some some patients get them twice a year some patients get them twice a week and it can be very painful but maybe twice a year, it's not going to be related to gluten it may be more related to a mineral deficiency


    So, that's something else that I do is micronutrient deficiency testing so if you have for example you're low in zinc or magnesium you may develop canker sores

    So, that's also an indication that something is not in balance

    Yes so that's why I say the mouth is a gateway to the health we see if your mouth is healthy or not this shows us imbalances in the body

    I think it's fascinating. Do you use homeopathy for canker sores

    I do use homeopathy for canker sore yes there's two medications that I love to use marks all and that really i've had patients with a condition called lichen planus which is really advanced form of canker sore that we can look at and that's constant for it goes on for months’

    Be so painful very very painful was basically like an open wound in the mouth

    How can you eat

    Very difficult

    Problem too

    Very difficult so i've had great success with marks all and also apis for pain without burning stinging sensation. In the past what we used to use and what I was trained to use at UCLA periodontics right in my program is cortical stearin medication because we don't know why they pop up now you know it's also food intolerance or in food allergy. So, we test for that when we see that but to get immediate relief, i've had 80 to 90 percent relief of symptoms by using these two homeopathic medication

    That’s hunge, say it again apiece in mercurous solid minestrone

    Yes those are the two

    Doctor Sanda because we're getting close to the end of our segment I want you to mention how people can contact you if you have a website what's the best way to or to read about you what's the best way

    So, you could I'm a regular contributor on the doctors TV show on CBS you can find me there

    But also I could go to my website

    If you want to spell it and I post information on there that are related to nutrition and oral health and I also have a page called ask doctor sanda on Facebook

    That's great

    And I place nutritional answers for patients that are curious about this and now

    And they can also contact you for an appointment or to find out about the offices where you work

    Yes I work in Beverly Hills in Santa Monica and the number there is three one zero eight two six six eight eight six.

    One more time

    It's three one zero eight two six six eight eight six

    Thank you and you do you do accept new patients

    Yes I accept new patients

    That they come by themselves they're usually referred by other dentists

    Or no I we have lots of patients today that know their gums are bleeding. They look if you look in the mirror and you see you know every time you floss your gums bleed don't ignore that sign


    I would see a periodontist


    Because they're more specialized than gums

    You recommend flossing right

    Definitely we have a saying only floss the teeth you want to keep so yeah

    But sometimes you know it can hurt a little bit I know we made a lot of progress with the you know the floss itself but I remember the beginning it was a little bit hard for all you could bleed when you we didn't do it well but you still saying that's what you have to do like

    Flossing is a good thing yes and I use this floss call expandable floss, it's like a little sponge


    So, doesn't cut in the gum it's very gentle


    And it cleans very well I have to give you a sample

    Yeah you do it before you brush or after

    It doesn't matter


    You know flossing is probably more important than brushing this bacteria loves to hide in between the teeth where you can't get to it

    Very interesting what about you know the water pik

    Water any kind of water pick or flosser is great especially for people I don't have good dexterity and they can't brush well or floss. So, it's really a great adjunct or cleaning Doctor Sanda that give us I'm sorry to bother but give us your website again because I know people sometimes are driving they cannot you know write it down give us your website and phone number

    Great so my address is and my number is three one zero eight two six six eight eight six

    Thank you so much this was Rafael Con battery and co-host on here's your health and today I had Doctor Sanda Moldovan dentist and periodontist

    Thank you so much

    Thank you, it was a pleasure

    So, we're going to listen to those important messages and we'll be back in a few minutes. Thank you.

  • Flossing

    The dreaded flossing is not such a chore once Dr. Sanda explains the proper and most efficient way to clean between teeth and gums, and why flossing is so vital to maintaining a healthy mouth. Video Transcript
    Should you or should you not feel guilty about some of the decisions you're making every single day. That's what we're covering like this next issue. I bet many of you out there may be guilty of this. Hey docs I'm about to go to the dentist and I was wondering can you tell if the patient crosses regularly or if they just started two days before the appointment. Yeah, that's a good question. Should you feel guilty about not flossing until 24 hours before your dental exam. I think I know the answer to that but we do have periodontists Doctor Sanda Moldovan along with Andrea and Michelle. They're going to help us explain the answer. We're going to put this to the test. One of these two Michelle or Andrea floss your teeth religiously for six months leading up to this dental exam that's about to occur on stage. The other one only flossed once in the last 24 hours. Can you tell the difference Doctor Sanda. We can absolutely tell the difference. So, Michelle what I'd like to do is use my periodontal probe and this actually tells me the health of your gums around the teeth and i'll be able to tell how healthy they are. Alright probe away. Turn your head a little bit to your left here. I'm going to retract your cheek here gently. So, here I could see the gums and I'm going to go right in between the tooth and the gum better and it is a little sensitive and the gums are a little puffy and the reason is I could tell you were flossing really hard in the last couple days totally. You, you caught me. Well what happens when you floss so hard you can actually injure your gums and they swell up a little bit that's why they're tender it's almost like having a splinter in your hand. So, sometimes when I floss it bleeds and that's kind of why it and that's such a common thing that I hear from patients especially you know should I be flossing but I'm bleeding and actually if you keep on flossing the bleeding should stop in about two weeks. Well let's let's show you what we hope are some healthy gums of someone who may or may not be flossing every day and do you want to take a seat in the dreaded dental chair? Sure let's take a look. All right. And so that's a really important point that Doctor Sanda just made. It's when your gums are bleeding usually it means because you literally have gum disease. One of the ways to combat that is regular flossing. Yeah and the reason why we floss is not just to remove the food particles that are sitting in between the teeth, is really to remove the bacteria that's sitting in between the teeth which can cause gum disease. All right you ready Andrea. I am. Turn a little bit that way. I thought going to the dentist was stressful going to the dentist with millions of viewers is really really stressful. And probably really stressful you know we have such brave patients here today so I can see her gums are very healthy over here and very tight around the teeth so good job Andrea I could tell you've been flossing religiously probably, okay. Before we go your top flossing tips obviously we need to do it every day but the technique does matter. One thing that I want you to remember is how to floss correctly. So, I'm going to take a piece of floss and Andrea if you don't mind I'm going to demonstrate on you. So, what we want to do you could put the floss right in between the teeth like that wrap it around like a seat you don't want to go straight up and down like this you could create a lot of damage and I could actually see floss cuts in the gum so you want to wrap it around the tooth and go sideways to clean the bacteria that's sitting right under the gum and you can come back out. So, you're sliding around the tooth not yeah jamming it right into the gum not jamming it what happened but it good what a useful little tip right who no one ever teaches you how to floss but now we all know and thank you so much Doctor Sanda, Andrea and Michelle, in daily flossing here with your we have a saying only floss the teeth you want to keep. Maybe I won't floss one tooth and the next year we'll see you cannot well let's move on to another home.

    Treating Periodontal Disease

    Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of “The Doctors” discusses with Dr. Moldovan non-invasive periodontal treatments available for reversing periodontal disease to avoid the potentially life threatening damaging affects to overall health and wellness. Video Transcript
    The following program contains images of an actual surgical procedure that may be graphic and disturbing parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children. Welcome back, you've been talking about silent and sneaky symptoms today and this next disease affects get this 65 million American adults, most don't even know they have it any ideas what it is take a look. I brush my teeth three times a day I floss twice a day I gargle with salt water I see my dentist three times a year for cleaning. Hi Jeff I'm Doctor Sanda doctor pleasure to meet you nice to meet you how can I help you. My dentist notice little extra bleeding around the gums. So, he thought I should come in do you have any symptoms of periodontal disease. No it's amazing think you can even notice it that's a very common response that I hear from patients because most everybody has no symptoms of this disease. So, what I like to do is take some x-rays and check the foundation around the teenager sounds good overall most of your teeth are in good shape there's a couple that I'm really concerned about and that's the lower right and the lower left you could see like a fuzzy little white almost laced like pattern that's the bone so this bone level should really be all the way up here now on the other side looks like you've lost about 60% of bone around that tooth. So, what I like to do is measure the gum around the teeth and see how that looks. So, this is called a periodontal probe helps me measure the pockets around the teeth the deeper the pocket the more disease in that area 5 3 6 6 3 9. Now that I'm done checking your teeth what I like to do is take a class called an oral DNA test to tell me exactly what's causing your bone loss. Sounds like a test I can pass. Awesome. Don't swallow any of it very important that cocktail will actually going to send to the lab and with us are Jeff who happens to be a producer on this show and periodontitis and Sanda Moldovan. So, let's talk about gum disease because people like you don't know what that means. What it is is actually an infection not only of the gum but of the bone surrounding the teeth. So, if you look at have a nice model, the yellow that you see right here it's actually plaque which is normally present in everybody's mouth. However, if it stays on the tooth too long what'll happen is it'll go down underneath the gum and it'll start to cause bone loss and potentially loosen the teeth and then the teeth will fall out and the patient will be toothless. But what I'm really intrigued by is when you saw a Jeff you actually did a DNA test were you looking for what bacteria was going in his mouth. Yeah this oral DNA test that I have actually helps me be a profiler, basically I can look inside and see what am I fighting against what are those bugs that are causing the disease and we do know that there's actually 13 different bugs that can cause bone loss. So, I looked at those through your saliva so I could know how to fight it and so clearly doing all the right things brushing flossing wasn't taking care of these bacteria. So, Jeff you actually underwent an interesting new procedure because once these results were found out had to get his gums treated properly so take a look at this laser treatment that was used to zap away that bacteria. First I'm going to give you two different kinds of antibiotics and second going to do a thorough cleaning all the way around the tooth and then I'm going to use the laser energy to kill the bacteria that lives inside the bone and inside the gum. Okay I'm going to give you a local anaesthetic so I could see the roots of your teeth coming out of the gum the gum line should be really right around here and right here I could feel underneath the tooth and it used to be filled with bone. Bacteria likes to live all the way deep under the gum so I'm going to use a slow spoon to clean the root surface and bring it all out from under there. Luckily because you've had your regular cleanings the bacteria’s coming off the teeth fairly easy and this is what is called a periodontal abscess which is an infection inside the gum. I'm going to use this ultrasonic device it has inside an anti septic solution and now I'm going to flush everything to underneath the gum. I'm going to use the laser energy to kill the bacteria that I couldn't get to that lives inside the gum in the bone. Now I'm going to laser the bottom right and especially here where you have this abscess. So, now what I'm going to do is squeeze the gum to adapt it back around the tooth. Okay Jeff we're all done how are you feeling. Numb. So, you felt numb did that hurt? Believe it or not didn't feel a thing beforehand during it and afterwards, no pain whatsoever. In some cases like Jeff's is this just a genetic thing, that ease yeah it's it also has a genetic component to it about 30 percent of people even though they brush and floss can have gum disease to a certain extent. So, if out there you see any kind of gum bleeding don't ignore it. Good takeaway go see your periodontist or your dentist to have it checked because it potentially could read to increase heart attacks or strokes and pone problems. So, this is my parents fault. Oh thanks for coming, Thank you, Travis and Doctor Moldavan thank, you. And after the break I'm not so silent something with some very sneaky consequences stay with us
  • iLase

    TV cameras document Oral Surgeon Dr. Sanda perform laser gum surgery on a patient. Television host Dr. Jim Sears learns the medical term for this fascinating procedure is ‘frenectomy.’ Video Transcript
    So, since you're going to be numb in this area you're going to be awake for the rest of the suture. What we're going to do I'm going to use my laser which is basically light energy that will help me remove that tissue there. So, what I'm going to do is work on the upper part of the frenum attachment which attaches into the lip. I'm going to start right here at the base. A frenum is actually an attachment of the lips so it limits the motion of the lips cheeks and tongue. Sometimes we get abnormal frenum that attach really high up on the gum line which cause all kinds of problems. In Matty’s case it is all the way up in between the teeth. We're going to be working on the second part of our procedure. This used to be attached all the way down at the bottom that's what Matty had an aesthetic problem. There's no bleeding underneath. So, there will be no sutures or stitches necessary at the end of the procedure. All right ,so here it is. All done. So, how are you feeling. Good. Perfect.

    Oral surgeon Dooctor Sanda Moldavom is here with her teenage patient Matty as well as her mom Loopy and so the most important thing of all Maddy you look great I feel? I feel amazing well it's gone that it feels really great so how so give us a big smile because you have a gorgeous smile. Never know that she had this procedure absolutely let's talk about what we're talking about here we're talking about the frenulum or the frenum there's kind of two words for this thing and it's that flap of skin that's underneath the lip everybody has one but sometimes it's just really really big and you can see on our model here it's that's what we're talking about right there and I see this a lot in younger kids where it's very prominent it causes a gap between the two teeth and even you know a lot of the times as those teeth fall out and the adult teeth come in it take problem takes care of itself but sometimes it doesn't. Absolutely, and what we know is that about thirty percent of the population or the kids grow up with an abnormal frerum. So, what happens is is our jaws grow and they extend downward, the frenum never moves upward. So, there's a gap between the two front teeth. We can actually fix it nowadays very easily by orthodontics. I'm moving that these together which is what Maddy have and also by doing the laser procedure which is so much easier than what we used to have. I love that I love that. So, yeah you have the laser here today. I do which I want to share with you because it's so amazing. So, you want to show us how it works everyone got ever liked her eyes that is probably the smallest later i've ever seen. I agree. So, now I'm ready to go and actually laser energy does not have any color so we have as a red light just to show us where the beam is shining so as it's beeping I'm going to cut through this tomato. I'm making an incision and as I go through it again i'll go deeper and deeper if I go sideways I could actually peel the tomato. Nice so we could have some spaghetti and tomato sauce later. Haha, and some people may be looking at tomato thinking where's all that massive burning that's the whole point of lasers, basically, it's less painful there's there isn't that massive bleeding and scarring that you saw with old techniques. So, it's very subtle just like we saw during the surgery. Now another procedure used the laser for is underneath the tongue if somebody's tongue-tied right and we can see that here. It's it's another frenulum in the mouth and a lot of people that you know everybody has one like the one above the lip but if it's too thick it prevents the tongue from coming out and it could affect a newborn's sucking and as they grow older their speech can be affected and it can be really disfiguring and as a paediatrician i'll recognize that in the newborn and if it's thin enough i'll just cut it really really carefully with a small scissors but if it's thicker they need to see somebody like you right. True. And the nice thing about the laser often kinds you only have to use topical anaesthetic to cut the frenum. We don't even need to use a needle you know I love getting is treated early because then the baby can breastfeed and then talk normally and they don't get teased when they get older. Yeah. Great new technology Doctor Moldovan. Thank you so much.


    NBC News is a fly on the wall in the surgical suite where Drs Moldovan and Malkin place Nobel Biocare dental implants in a patient’s mouth during this smile rejuvenation procedure. Video Transcript
    This is fake. This is bridge. Here all mine but they're all moving. Leav kahefs kaya has had problems with her teeth all her life but now she's come to LA all the way from Boston for cutting-edge dental rejuvenation surgery, and it's not just about looks. She has trouble speaking eating everyday living. Sometimes you can sneeze and your teeth can fall out. This is going to change you life. I hope so. You are going to walk out of here with a beautiful smile. It will be better than how it looks now. Periodontist Doctor Sandra Moldovan is going to remove her diseased teeth. After I remove the teeth we'll place implants for her into the remaining bone of the upper jaw. Prosthodontist Doctor Olga Malkin designs teeth for the implants. So, when once you have something natural age-appropriate because you don't want to have a 60 year old with a smile of a 20 year old you want someone who is 60 year old with a smile of 35 year old or 40 year old. This is a life-changing surgery for our patient Lia today and for a long time she's going with diseased teeth and a prosthesis in her mouth that she actually has to remove on a daily basis and this is very exciting for her to leave here not only looking better but functioning better, and it only takes about five hours instead of the process of a year with dentures, it used to take. When you tell a patient that they have to go for a year with the removable denture they can think about if their grandmother or grandfather with the little denture in the you know water cup next to their bed and it was very discouraging to the patients. Then you will need the position of these implants to be about three millimetres. This dental rejuvenation procedure is actually done in one day and she's coming in in the morning and leaving with beautiful teeth in the afternoon. So, three days later Lia comes back for a check-up before it's home to Boston. So, let me see your smile. Oh, that looks gorgeous. Wow. You look 10 years younger at least. Thank you. You see here we have the implants that are right in the bone there and you have the sinuses. We did the bone grafting right up in here. I could already see that she's more confident she smiles more she no longer covers her mouth when she's smiling and she's excited to go back and show her friends her true spirit. How you can be happy if you can’t smile right now, I can smile. My father would smile now. Very true. Thank you. In Beverly Hills Jennifer Bjorklund NBC 4 News
  • Wisdom Tooth extraction

    Dr. Sanda demonstrates the safe removal of an impacted wisdom tooth as she explains how and why wisdom teeth are extracted. Video Transcript
    Today on an all-new episode of the Doctors, Doctor doctor, give me the news, what the heck does that do and why do I need it that's what Ramona has been asking about her wisdom tooth that she finally decided to get out. My doctor discovered that I have a small cavity and that listen to that and she advised me that the ones with two needs to be removed. Come on in Ramona came into my office to complain about the lower right tooth. She didn't like the way was looking and from time to time she was having an irritation and her gum. So, Ramona how you feeling. I am good. Are you comfortable? Perfect. Awesome. So, as you see here there's a dark spot right on the tooth here where the cavity is and it's gone right between the two teeth, it's definitely inflamed and has some sign of periodontal disease. The first thing I'm going to do is section part of the tooth to allow some space between the two teeth. Here we go. So, this is a piece of tooth that we removed initially and here we have a little room there. Next thing I'm going to do is gently detach the gum from the tooth we're going to try to keep this procedure as minimally invasive as possible. So, that there's a minimal amount of pain and inflammation. It makes for easier healing. Have an instrument here that it's applying pressure underneath the tooth and here we go it's moving we're getting movement. Here we go. That was just ready to come out and this is the cavity right here the dark spot what we are going to do is use a resorbable stitches to close the gum and also allows for the bleeding to stop. These the reservable stitches usually dissolve within five to ten days. Removing an impacted wisdom - if it really takes about 10-15 minutes. So, for those of you who are afraid of coming in for this procedure, don't be it'll be over before you know it. Please welcome periodontist Doctor Sanda Moldovan, and Ramona just two days after surgery. So, only two days huh? Two days. How do you feel? Great excellent no pain and just a little bit swell but excellent. And of course the theme of the shows what the heck does that do and so let's talk wisdom teeth really quickly Doctor Moldovan, give us some tips and tell us what in the heck does it do anyway. So, wisdom teeth erupt around the age of fifteen to seventeen and normally they don't cause any problems but some of them stay impacted inside the jaw and you don't even know you have a problem until you go see your dentist. So, I. Can explain to you what that means impacted? Impacted means to actually stay under the gum. They never erupt out of the jawbone and sometimes they can be partially impacted, if that happens then it becomes really difficult to clean and you can get cavities and periodontal disease and the problem is that sometimes you don't even know you have a problem because you don't have any symptoms as a patient. So, I do recommend as a patient to go in and see your dentist regularly to check on the wisdom teeth after the age of fifteen seventeen. One thing to remember is that the procedure could be very short. 10-15 minutes minimal amount of pain and she was back at work the next day, and with a little nitrous oxide you don't even remember it. Absolutely, and you have to only I have a tooth here to show you as you could see. Is that Romona’s tooth? This is Ramona's tooth. Wooo that looks there a little decay in there isn't there. Yeah. You could see it right. That was painful. Yes, so That needed to come out, are you going to put that up on your mantle? Travis, it goes under the pillow. Tooth fairy, I forgot I'm sorry. So, take home here is see your dentist regularly not only for cleanings etcetera but you may have to have your wisdom teeth out not so bad Ramona thanks for coming on the show Doctor Moldovan thank you so much. Coming up next, my doctor’s orders.

    Dental Plastic Surgery

    KNBC’s veteran news anchor Colleen Williams gets the skinny from Dr. Sanda on the innovative dental face lift as well as other anti-aging treatments which can be had during a trip to your dentist. Video Transcript
    Federal regulators kicked off a two-day hearing on silicone breast implants today. Was taken off the market for several years because of health concerns and medical experts say they are still tracking the long-term risk here. Nbc4's Jennifer Bjorklund reports. What's the shelf life on breast implants. Five years and then usually they get them revamped. I don't think i've ever thought about that before. I would say I guess maybe like I would say like 10 years and that's a good guess but I think a good rule of thumb is 10 years. Doesn't mean they automatically need to be replaced at that time but realize that they you might need to make some changes or get re-evaluated or possibly have them replaced at about 10 years. Breast surgeon Doctor Diana Attai, says she thinks the FDA is revisiting long-term performance for silicone breast implants for good reason. And I also think that what the FDA is trying to do is come up with what's a reasonable way to follow these women long-term to evaluate for any problems and to catch problems early. Silicone implants have been back on the market for five years after a 14-year-long ban. FDA recently announced that women can have breast implants. An FDA video cautions the implants may be linked to a higher risk of a rare form of lymphoma although the risk is small. The FDA panel is meeting today and tomorrow to consider ways to improve safety studies and better assess the overall performance of implants in real world use. What we do know for people getting silicone implants for breast augmentation. One in five will need them removed in 10 years. The risk goes up for women getting them for breast reconstruction. One in two will need removal in 10 years. Nobody expects that these are going to last forever. Your body changes and these might change with your body and there is a failure rate. Sometimes there are ruptures or there are leaks that develop. So, it's important to realize it just because you have them put in doesn't mean they're good for life. Well as long as we're talking about cosmetic surgery here are you ever too old probably not according to some people. Here are some facts for you. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons about 80 4000 people over the age of 65, 84,000 now had plastic surgery last year. That's a twenty-one percent increase over the year before. Most popular thing facelifts, but have you ever heard of something called the dental facelift. Good teeth can actually make your face look younger. Here are some before and after pictures of patients from local Dentist David Frey. He says as we get older our jaws move which can actually change our appearance. As as we get older we use our teeth and as we use our teeth our teeth we're down and there they don't stay in the same position as they were when you were 15 18 20 years old so you actually lose the vertical dimension of the job as you get older and so what we can do by relaxing the muscles of the jaw, we can actually find the position that you were in say when you were 20 and we can put your jawline back into that position and restore your teeth in that position. All right Doctor Frace says there are hundreds if not thousands of dentist doing this procedure around the country and joining us right now is Sanda Moldovan. She is an LA periodontist and she's here to tell us about that I looked at a same thing I thought that looked like some sort of torture procedure. Well let's talk about teeth and how they can make you look younger yeah you know calling as soon as 20 or sometimes in their 50s patient starts losing molars. So, what happens is they don't lose their muscles to eat with, so we see drooping of the face and it's very obvious, sagging especially if the patients are missing teeth on just one side of the face, when they look in the mirror they could really see the one side. So, what's the what's the procedure for this implants or something like that. Dental implants are really the best way we have to replace the missing teeth, because ventures don't replace the function that a normal tooth would do towards the muscle. And bridge work or small pieces like that those aren't the same either. They're not the same either. Okay what is this apparatus here do you know you ever seen anything like this? Yeah actually this is used in neuromuscular dentistry to reposition the muscle of the face in a optimal environment. So, there's no strain and there is no tightness on one side versus the other. So, you go into a doctor and he repositions your joy and and how do you keep it there I mean you have to break the jaw to redo it or what happens? So, what happens is the dentist will actually built the teeth or build porcelain, jackets on top of the teeth to keep the bite in that position. And it doesn't affect your speech pattern or anything like that. It doesn't know and automatically within a few months patients notice the the tightness of the face and the muscles changing. Is there an age limit I mean when do you start seeing this sort of thing and how late in life could you do something like this? We start doing these procedures as early as in their 30s but my oldest patients with implants was was 86 years old. And you talk about that strengthening the muscles in your jaw, could you just do exercises for something like that? You can to exercise this true but if you don't have any chewing surface there from teeth we can't use those muscles. Okay, now we're talking about the cosmetic surgery where you actually you know go in and do something like that. What other things can you do to sort of freshen up your appearance in terms of your teeth? So, definitely keeping them clean, that's very important, and if somebody's grinding to keep a night guard to prevent that a occlusal surface from wearing down so then your face doesn't collapse that's very important. What about what are they called now veneers and things like that. I know a lot of people talk about getting those especially in this town everybody has such a spectacular smile. Their teeth are a beautiful color. Veneers, how far have those come? So, we've come a long way with porcelain material in general so we can make thinner veneers that are more conservative today that look beautiful and have great function. And one of the one of the criticisms I'd heard about those over the years is that they look like those little Chiclets. Yeah. I know the little chewing gum things. True, not anymore I mean we have such great porcelain and the dental technicians that do make the veneers, they're artists and then they could really look natural. Is this sort of thing covered by insurance any of these procedures we're talking about? Dental implants are starting to be covered by insurance veneers are not because it's strictly cosmetic but even the dental insurance companies see the benefit from having dental implants, so they're starting to cover them. And what can you expect like a fresh bright smile and you know all this to take off your face in terms of age terms of years. So, i've had patients that haven't had back teeth for for 10 20 years and they said oh my god everybody's telling me that I look 15 years younger. So, about 10 to 15 years I would say. All right well thank you for coming in and explaining that appreciate it yeah you are welcome right appreciate.
  • Toxic Toothpaste

    Do you know what’s in your toothpaste? Dr. Sanda educates consumers on how to read labels for toxic chemical ingredients lurking in some popular toothpaste brands. Video Transcript
    Okay, brush your teeth how many times have your parents told you this it's something you're supposed to do at least twice a day and more but could your toothpaste be bad for your body. Some of the experts say yes some of the chemicals believe it or not in certain toothpastes are the same chemicals that you find in household and industrial cleaning products. Periodontist Doctor Sanda Moldovan joins me now with some advice on what to look for in your tube of toothpaste. What do you tell me you just went shopping and found toothpaste for infants or children with antifreeze in it? Absolutely yes I picked up just a general brand toothpaste out there that's for toddlers and I look at the inactive ingredients which in my opinion you know they're not so inactive because they actually cause problems with our bodies. Now we're talking about the you know we all know the brands the major brands of toothpaste or are there other brands that we should be watching for? Well the major brand of toothpaste i've been out there for a long time. So, people think oh yeah absolutely it's okay to use it because it's out there and it's have been out there for a long time but the problem is a lot of these chemicals in the last few years have been researched and we know that they can cause certain problems such utter immune disease so I would recommend to go towards a more natural choice because usually if there's a name that you can't pronounce normally it's not good for us. Okay so if I'm going to the the drugstore or the grocery store now and I'm looking at toothpaste and I start reading the labels on toothpaste like everything else what should I be looking for? So, there's two labels one is for active ingredients and a lot of the toothpastes that they have for provide in it and their second ingredient that I would advise not to get is triclosan which is actually a pesticide. The second list would is going to be inactive ingredients and those can be actually dangerous for us, potentially toxic. Such as? Such as polyethylene glycol or other ones otherwise known as PEG or could be a sodium lauryl sulphate or SLS which is actually present in quite a few cosmetics and can cause atlas ulcers or canker sores in our mouth. Are those actually listed on a tube of toothpaste or on the little folder that you sometimes find in there's a little fold-out? Yes, they're listed but I was talking to a patient of mine today and she was saying that she wanted to look at the ingredients of her toothpaste and she could not find them on the box. She had to go online and she had a hard time finding what exactly in her toothpaste. Why isn't this regulated by the FDA? It is regulated by the FDA but the promised FDA only requires a short-term study, less than a year usually to determine if something is toxic to our bodies or not and the problem is these chemicals are in such small amounts that usually takes years for the problems to manifest themselves. Yeah but you we all brush our teeth every day several times a day. Isn't there a cumulative effect even after a year? Exactly that's the problem you know these chemicals enter our bodies they go through our bloodstream into the lymphatic system and a lot of times are not eliminated. Have there been any studies that make this connection between some of the things that you find in toothpaste and I don't know canker sores and cancer and things like that? Yes we've had several studies actually to link sodium lauryl sulphate to canker sores. So, a lot of my patients will come in I would tell them okay people are not going to stop brushing their teeth that's here it's not going to happen. So, what's the alternative here where do you go what do you do for toothpastes? So, if somebody has problems with their gums I would suggest stop using what you're using and get a sodium lauryl sulphate free toothpaste and there's quite a few of them out there on the market that you can find. Where do you go for something like that? Couldn't become more like a Whole Foods for example. Healthy food store or ting like that? Yeah yeah. What about the old you know I remember years and years ago my grandmother saying well baking soda something like that? True and you know the interesting part is we don't really need toothpaste and brush our teeth because it's the mechanical action of the brush that cleans. Yes but a lot of people are not going to live with that it's not that. True. It's not the toothpaste it's the flavouring and the thing that freshens your breath. So, what do you do for that? So, I would choose a more natural toothpaste and we have several of them out there which are quite nice and and great to use and they would give you that fresh feeling because that's what everybody's looking for. Thats exactly what I was looking for. All right doctor thank you very much sure anything hadn't thought about that now we have to read the labels on the toothpaste toothpaste box if you can find it. Exactly and if you can't pronounce it and it's too long to pronounce don't use it. Alright thank you so much. Coming up right here lawmakers are considering tightening restrictions on home loans. The proposed requirements and could the move actually slow the recovery of real estate in this state we'll take on the issue next after the break.

    Dr. Jim Sears wisdom tooth extraction

    Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears trusts his own wisdom tooth extraction to Dr. Sanda’s skillful hands. Watch this riveting real-time ‘live’ oral surgery on “The Doctors.” Video Transcript
    Well, Doctor Sears was wise he listened to his body he's at the dentist as we speak being taken care of by oral surgeon Doctor Sanda Moldovan and Doctor Moldovan, thank you for helping out our co-hosts we appreciate it. Your welcome, your welcome. So, I know you're about to get started, but tell us what was causing Jim's pain. Well as it turns out, actually Doctor Sears still has a wisdom tooth that is in place that is all the way in the back and normally these these are actually taken out at the age of 18 to 25. So, what happened actually is that the tooth has decay all the way in the back because it wasn't able to brush that area well. So, right now I have given him some dental anaesthetic to numb the area so we can start our procedure. How are you feeling? Pretty good. Now I am going to detach the tooth from the in the site. Can you suction for me that, Doctor I think you can do anything you want to Jim now.

    So, you can see the tooth is all the way back there, up against the cheek. And it is coming out at an angle. And it is slightly pinned down in the bite. So, whats happening is that actually he has been biting his cheek and it has been causing him pain. Doctor Sears, give us a thumbs up if you don’t feel anything. That the beauty of numbing medication. So, normally we like to take out the wisdom teeth in order to prevent any problems from happening such as decay or gum disease. The problem with these guys is that its all the way back there and we can’t brush them and floss them well. Are we getting close? Yeah look at it, we have a little wiggle here underneath the tooth. Oh here it comes, Jim I have always wanted to see how wise you are. Don’t talk don’t talk , you are going to be lighter in one second. Yeah, At least he has got a lot of support. There are a lot of people, they are with him. Actually, we were able to remove the tooth with no problems. Tooth is out! Yeah, Wow.

    It's a boy, Now I get to see a hole in my head though. Now what I would like to do it to clean the back of the tooth here. Because what happens is, as it gets harder, the part in the back of the tooth, which could cause gum disease. So, I am going to clean that area first, and Doctor Moldovan, we all have had our wisdom teeth removed, and I remember, you didn’t? No I though you had. No So, I had my removed and I can tell you it was a, I know, I am chicken, Esa You are next. I am chicken, She did it so well, you know what, you have been so brave you have inspired me, Because I have a horrible one and they have been telling me to get out for years and You know what Esa, I did not feel a thing. Nothing, I will be next, now seeing this, I feel like I can do this. We are going to irrigate this site with some saline, a lot of times they are not erupted. And e can get some teeth completely impacted in the jaw line there. So, its stops decays and it is hard t clean back their also. So, Doctor Moldovan, part fully impacted, So, what Jim going to feel when the local wears off when the local wears off. Whn the local waers off he is going to be in very little pain, he's actually going to have very little pain because i've already given him some advil, Wow ibuprofen
  • KLEAN Radio

    This streaming video from the Klean Radio Show on KFWB 980 explore with Drs Sanda and Olga the oral consequences from substance abuse and eating disorders. Video Transcript
    This is clean radio. Welcome everybody out there listening on KFWB news talk 980 our flagship station or extreme talk XM channel 165 or the worldwide web at clean like to say hi to everybody out there listening and that listens every week we have an awesome show for you tonight in the studio we have the energy whisper as Erica Spiegelman with me

    Hi, how are you?

    Yeah, I'm divine how are you?

    I'm doing wonderful


    Yeah energy whisper


    I just came up with that name

    Yeah, that's your tag

    Because I'm very intuitive and I feel like when I meet people right away I kind of pick up on their energy

    So, you think that's what you think people that are intuitive that's where it comes from

    I do I think it's an innate thing I'm either your intuitive or not you got a good energy you know reading from someone they could person they seem like they're helpful treat people with respect treat themselves with respect can't you pick up on that and I do

    Yes, yeah I could I know people right away usually


    Occasionally I'm wrong.

    Do you think that is because we're both sober do you think that it's maybe because we're so present that we kind of don't have anything else distracting us like alcohol

    I think even since I'm a kid i've always had that you know ability to pick up on people I don't know what it is

    I think so too yeah

    You know, I mean I could think of a couple things I don't think anybody out there listening really wants to hear my why am I

    How intuitive you are

    Yes, but or I don't know you know

    But I think it's a good point because I think people have to begin to honor like their inner voice.


    And if

    I think that's very important you're very that's actually a great point where you're talking about is because when you are sober in the beginning you do have to take direction


    And constantly you're asking questions but at a certain point you really have to learn to trust what your

    What your gut tells me

    Your gut tells you


    Exactly and a lot of people that are specially drinking using drugs they get involved in relationships where they know maybe that persons not so good or that person uses drugs and they go against what they feel in their heart and their mind takes over and that's you know

    No, I mean I’II you're right I mean you know but more importantly I want to ask


    I have to ask this question I had to ask this question with people out there listening


    I had a funny discussion with Rand outside and he was joking I had to go to the bathroom he said why don't you go here and I said because I'm wearing about no and I said well who who even buys button up jeans anymore and I realized I accidentally I don't try my jeans on a 33-30 right


    So, anybody out there wants to buy me jeans

    That good to know I will note that for Christmas

    I am 33 30 its very easy to shop for me, and so I don't actually ever try on pants okay so I just pick up the 33 30 then I get home and I see their button up and that's when you have to make the decision

    Oh, that’s funny

    Right it's not like straight like the straight leg or the slim leg that goes back to the store

    For the man it's all about the button up or the zip

    Yeah, I don't get button I don't it's like we you've created a zipper you know why go back to button up

    All Levi's are button ups for this weekend

    Yeah anyways we digress I want to wish let's wish everybody out there Happy Holidays

    Yeah Happy Thanksgiving early happy thanksgiving

    Yeah and I think one of the things we want to talk about a little bit tonight is tricks for staying sober on Thanksgiving

    Yeah, I'm in the beginning of the holiday season so from this point forward we have Christmas parties thanksgiving holiday dinners a lot of you know events a lot of people have a lot of work things going on and my clients especially right now it's a really it's a really triggering kind of time of the year and we really try to present to them ways in which to stay safe. So,

    What are a couple the things you teach them

    Always get your own ride or take take your own car to parties, so that you're able to leave whenever you want don't ever get stuck somewhere and especially if you're newly sober you know if someone says i'll come pick you up say you know thank you, i'll meet you there tell the host that you're going to be staying just for an hour so that you're not stuck you know kind of take some precautions so that you really feel like you could get out of there if you need to

    And what about for people because this is a big thing as people the big their biggest triggers can be their family

    Yeah of course

    So, a lot of people are very scared about you know they're sober they don't want to go home


    Because so much drama goes on right whether it's not even as to be drinking there's just those are the triggers

    The behaviours of everyone yeah

    So, what are some suggestions you say to people

    Well I usually tell people to kind of have the boundaries before they go into the situation so if you know that you're kind of having you're not communicating properly with someone in your family, try to talk to them before you get in a situation where there's you know a lot of frustration around you or your anxiety feels high. Take someone with you I always say that to people take a friend, take a friend, to the dinner kind of acts as a buffer


    You know

    I don't know if I want to bring anybody back

    But listen I mean it actually does work


    What and I think something you're also saying something honest

    Take a sober friend


    You know, I think sometimes people are really scared to say to their family members you know when I was getting sober my mother was really cool she's like she didn't want you know she's like you won't whine at this at the Passover Seder is it okay with

    Are you going to be comfortable

    Right are you going to be comfortable and I had that we had those discussion it's okay to have these discussions

    Absolutely but that's wonderful that she was actually open enough to have it so some people are in denial


    Most family members are you know they don't want to talk about it they don't want to rub their kids the wrong way so you know that's good it's good that your mother so supportive

    I'm blessed

    I am blessed too I'm glad to my mother was so supportive

    And to all the people out there you're listening to klean radio give us a call at 888 539 to 980 that's 888 539 to 980 I'm in the studio tonight with my guest co-host Erica the energy whisper Spiegelman give us a call again the number is 888 539 to 980. One of the cool things about this show is that we have a wide variety of topics and people that come into the studio and you're you're a therapist Erica you work with tons of people one of the huge issues for girls and guys a lot is eating disorders


    Is it's tremendous thing

    Oh yeah

    And I know somebody that's an epidemic I think

    It's horrible and I know somebody that's actually bulimic that was bulimic and they were bulimic for about 20 years yeah and they said to me the only person that knew was their dentist that was the only person that knew for 20 years that they were bulimic


    And I found that I was like since they told me that i've actually really been fascinated by this topic but I think it's so many more things I think dentists like are like know a lot of things. They see people come in with math you know with coke you know people don't realize cocaine does a really crazy job to your teeth

    Well they see all the signs from the damage and you know you could hide that obviously from from let's say your mother or father

    Or a doctor

    Yeah I mean I'm sure we have these wonderful ladies on tonight


    I'm sure they'll discuss further how that you could tell from erosion and all the others

    Yeah and let's welcome but that's a great segue to our guests there from coastline smiles com we have Doctor Sanda that I pronounced it correctly

    Doctor Sanda from coast to coast smile

    Coast to coast, I'm sorry

    Because we practice in LA and New York

    So, its coast to coast, it was actually one of my favorite radio shows of all time is called coast to coast yes and it's about aliens and stuff not that I believe in it but I just enjoy listening to the people calling in and also sitting next to her is Doctor Olga


    And you guys come a little closer to the microphones well welcome from coast to coast


    Thank you thank you nice to be here,

    Welcome to klean radio

    Nice to be here

    And yeah so we're talking a little bit about that has that occurred in your practice. What what the first before we start what do you guys do

    So, I'm a periodontist and nutritionists


    So, yeah I as a periodontist I treat the foundation around the teeth. I look at the guns and a health of somebody's mouth and overall health you could see in the gums actually.

    I'm going to keep my mouth closed

    I'm going to be shining

    Yes you are going to be shining I am like I'm like this

    Beautiful smiles all around

    You have a good smile

    Yeah I have a good smile so i've about 50 grand in my mouth and still all my natural teeth. Anyway so let's get back. So, your nutritionist the periodontist

    And I do dental implants as part of that specialty as well as making sure that patients heal well after my procedures. That's where the nutrition part comes in



    So, and I'm a prosthodontist I work with Doctor Moldovan. She does the surgery and I put the teeth over the implants that she places

    I might need to be seeing you guys I'm actually not joking on the November 28th I'm having one of those things put in

    The dental implant

    The dental I like how you do this and I don't tell you something that's actually at his office and he's showing me all the stuff and I'm like please don't show me. I don't want to see the metal screw that's going in and but which raises an interesting thing because with it's a painful procedure can be a painful procedure painful procedure

    What is it exactly the people that don't know what


    Well surprisingly is not that painful anymore


    Nothing to be afraid of, for example my mom I place for implants and then she took a couple of advils and we went shopping the same day.

    Okay so so it's not that what he used to be

    Can I get your mom's number


    So, I could talk to here yeah

    We've had a patient who did fool mouth rehabilitation, upper and lower, full implants with new teeth and she had no pain. She had to just advil.

    So, your which is amazing so you're basically seeing people and you're saying okay, so you're they're coming in to you with the end, right, something has gone ask you in their mouth yeah and you're the next thing is you're trying to figure out how nothing else goes ask you in their mouth

    Is it that or is it more like a rebirth of a new set of teeth

    It's pretty much rebirth of a new set of teeth

    Listen to her

    You will get a third set of teeth.

    There are other people that don't understand that's really what it is

    You should be our manager I like it

    She is she is the energy whisperer and if you just turned in you're not listening to dental talk with Klean you're listening to clean radio show about addiction recovery but one of the things i've noticed is when I got sober I had 18 cavities because I had neglected my teeth and it was literally might the summer of dentistry, my first my first sober summer and do you I mean like obviously I'm sorry you seeing people come in with all types of things, with addiction or you know be are you able to tell from looking at their mouths

    Absolutely a lot of times we can tell from just looking at their mouths

    And we could tell whether or not they have bulimia or you know they have an alcohol problem or what is the acidity of their mouth because really that's what destroys tooth surfaces

    That’s the enamel

    Yes it's acid in their mouth and that could come from food or could come from their own saliva that becomes acidic than it really destroys the tooth


    And have you ever have you ever had to have that conversation?

    Do you have that conversation or is it too personal?

    No and I think it's it's a matter of how we approach patients and they have to feel comfortable to talk to us about that because it's a minute too

    Some of them are shamed name they don't want to share

    I mean teeth are an amazing thing I mean teeth are you know teeth

    Teeth are your teeth

    And I mean I didn't have anything profound than that one but there's something very shameful you have you know I think there comes the I remember I was in so much pain but I was so embarrassed about the way my teeth looked that I didn't want to go to the dentist because I didn't want the dentist to see what I had done to my teeth. So, I was perpetuating this I call this a


    Cycle of just not getting help


    And one of the things I tell people when they get sober and if they're in pain any type of pain I'm like go go to the dentist yeah because it doesn't get better

    Right I just did a group of Klean on this actually about procrastination and one of the biggest things that came up with the procrastination is getting your teeth checked and going to doctors appointments, I mean across the board so a lot of people that are suffering for years of just neglect whether that's from drinking or using drugs, they their health comes last because they do not want to hear if there's something wrong because then they would have to stop using the substances. So, they avoid that at all costs so it's interesting

    So, you know the amazing part we're actually seeing inside somebody's body


    I think that's why it's such a personal and intimate relationship we establish with the patient and when I look at somebody's mouth because that is a hell of a story.

    Tell us, I want to hear it

    Yeah, that’s the way you look at it

    What kind of like what kind of what what kind of thing have you picked up on recently? Okay for example with

    Their that you're the energy whisperer than the teeth whisper

    Yeah yeah so for example i've had a young patient and she came in with very eroded tooth surfaces on the top surface of their teeth


    So, that could be somebody that's for example they take sodas and they swish their mouths with soda’s you know so I start asking them about you know their their lifestyle their what do they eat or drink it to figure out what exactly is causing that and I try to help them change that

    That's great

    Yeah I mean it is it's it's like sort of you're right it'sit's you guys see every thing with the mouth. You can see people's health you can see what they're doing right what they're not doing correctly. Why do people have such a fear of the dentist?

    I think it's just a bad stereotype from a long time ago because right now we have a lot of techniques that we can utilize. They actually make the treatment much less painful and also we do a lot of procedures in one major appointment and after that a lot of procedures are just a lot of times don't even require anaesthetic. So, a lot of people try they think it's going to be like a long process then they have to go to a dentist every two weeks and every time it's a lot of pain and discomfort

    Yeah like you said

    But it's actually not like that anymore.

    What do you think it also has to do with by the way we're in the studio tonight with two amazing periodontist nutritionist and Doctor Sanda and I Doctor Olga.

    I'm a prosthodontist

    A prosthodontist which I'm definitely going to get confused tonight and

    That’s okay

    From coast to coast and also my special guest house is Erica the energy whisperer Spiegelman and we're talking about you know dentistry and all this stuff that I think but you guys seem really cool you guys, seem really nice and I'm not just saying that because you're in the studio in front of me but do you think that has a lot to do with you know people being scared of the dentist is that this aren't always known for being sweet?

    Yeah you're right

    You know and that’s something I looking for a doctor. I I look for somebody that when I almost walk into their office

    They want to hug you

    They want to hug me they're going to hold my hand to say it's going to be okay, because I'm terrified

    You want to be babied

    I do I mean I I had to have a wisdom tooth out when I was about 13 years old and they came to me with this big needle that they were going to stick in my arm and pass me out, make me pass out. I ran out of the office. I like the office. My mother's you know you know chases me down and I'm like I'm not going back and it I didn't go back and I think people especially addicts and alcoholics are to have this fear right?


    Of pain

    Well I think they just have a fear over all of actually taking care of the damage of their past


    And whether that means physically right so like whether that means their teeth or that they have to apologize to somebody for saying something nasty I mean


    I think that's I in many ways people that struggle with substance abuse whatever that may be or you know we me or


    Bulimia or yeah just the consuming of whatever it is that they really it's hard for them to clean up everything


    And clean up all parts of their lives



    And you know I could relate to that fear of the dentist because I grew up in Romania. So, we had no dental anaesthetic


    Yeah when I was 14 years old, yes, so I I do not really enjoy sitting in the chair to be a patient because it automatically I think of the days when I had to sit in the chair and I was in pain


    So, I think forum for anyone if they've had a bad experience that stays with us a lifetime

    That's true

    And I forgot to give the call at number it call-in number call out would be different and it's 888 539 2 980 that's 888 539 2 980. Give us a call tonight about anything you want to talk about but let's talk about what does a bulimic mouth look like? And I don't yeah

    So, there are really distinct signs of bulimia can actually see there is a erosion which is very much visible on the inside of the upper front teeth, because if someone is vomiting that's the area that the acid from the stomach heads and also you can see destruction of the enamel on the back teeth. So, the length of the teeth get smaller so then the the whole bite kind of collapses and so the lower front teeth are actually not affected and also you can see people who are affected by bulimia they also have parotid glands that someone swollen


    So, that a

    You know what's interesting is that you know if a young woman or if a woman in general, let's just say a woman because I think the majority of people that are bulimic are women, I know there's men also that that suffer from that too but let's say they it's kind of like a you know a cry for help and you actually say something to them and they say to you, you know can you help me now that because you are nutritionist, has that happened before I mean that must be so rewarding for you to kind of be the catalyst the person that helps them it's kind of like us with people that are substance abuse like if somebody really wants to reach out for help, I'm sure they would feel more comfortable with you

    Yes, especially with the young girls


    I've had a patient I could think of she was 18 years old


    And I could tell immediately by looking inside her mouth that she was bulimic because of what Doctor Olga was just mentioning and that's something that only the dentist could see


    All right

    You know and I was probably the only person that knew this about her

    And you have the authorization with her

    I did you know I asked her I said are your teeth sensitive I said you're missing some tooth structure on the back of their teeth

    And she's 18 years old

    Yes and she was a little bit fearful in the beginning and she didn't want to open up very much and then I I just talked her about nutrition in general and about life and just try to you know because I really cared about her. I want her to get better. So, she felt safer

    Yeah that's what I mean I think that she would feel alone and you're the only one that kind of knows so I think just you know naturally that would be you know you would be the person for her to reach out to

    Yeah so I try to find her a support group

    That’s so nice

    That’s amazing

    So, have you seen people other people obviously what you know I mean the reason I think is really important is because when people are an addiction they don't realize the damage they're doing. They could be in this amazing amount of denial still thinking they look great. Now a perfect example is if you look at pictures of Charlie Sheen's mouth, doesn't look great. You know the guys done a lot of you know

    That was scary, that was scary

    Cocaine I mean and

    Crack smoking crack yeah

    Crack and but also when people use cocaine right they put it on their gums right


    It supposedly gets I've never done because supposedly brings a high I'm not looking at you guys

    I read about this

    I read about this week actually could see a sores in the mouth because cocaine being so acidic it cause sores

    And meth I mean I see people that come in all the time that have been smoking meth or doing you know using meth and because of the chemicals that are in meth which is really poison


    Their teeth are completely eroded I mean they're gone

    So, the question is how how we going to get people out there that are listening and we have a lot of people are singing right now. How are we going to get people to you and I know you they obviously I'm not just saying going to coast to coast you know your website which will give out and you know in a little bit but how do we how is it you know like a guy like me that was terrified, how do we create a way. I you know you saw that show Jamie Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution



    Great too

    And I couldn't believe I actually watch this thing but I I got caught up in it because he has this excitement. How do we get you out there on the streets in a way helping people and I mean that what is the what is the trick to grabbing people and saying you know you need help?

    Yeah that's it that's a tough one because and what Doctor Olga and I are trying to do is really work with the rehab centres and with to get the word out with newspapers with television to really get the word out that we can help you start a new life and you know have a beautiful set of teeth so you could be out there and the society and not be judged



    The self-esteem thing which is really going to help these

    And also we're not there to judge whether it's a help

    Well I think that's part of the problem too is that you know people that have done this to themselves through neglect, through whatever it is they feel like shame that's a shame base and I know in my case it was extremely shy, I was like how could I have let this happen to myself

    You said that about a lot of

    Yeah you are right but you're right but the problem is i've done it over and over again. I wish I could say when I got sober and I had the 18 cavities done but I constantly because I think it's a lot of it also has to do with the depression you know when you feel like you know and which I've suffered through bouts of in sobriety when I felt like nothing was worth it. So, I would yeah

    It comes down I really do think this to self-love


    And it's about it's about building compassion for yourself I say this all the time and it's you know it to treat yourself right would be to go to the dentist. To treat yourself right and with love would be to take care of pain and problems when before it comes to the point where you have to now get all rid of all your teeth, I mean there's a certain there's a certain kind of I think self-nurturing that we have to begin to spread that that's what you need to spread really yeah I mean you're right

    I mean for the past year I'm going to brag I have not missed a night of flossing a night of brushing my teeth twice a day

    Nice nice nice

    Doing the circles around my teeth and I'm so proud of myself, I haven't missed and I think you're right it's about self-love it's about all of those

    And what about your esteem let me ask you

    I'm I esteem is great I'm a flosser don't you think you feel like even on a


    Subcontinent even like on an unconscious level you feel better about yourself when you do take care of yourself

    Yes, I do

    And most people do

    And you know as hard you're right but it's it's you know for addicts and alcoholics and a lot of people I wanted to say addicts alcoholics because we live look at children running around. There's the esteem that so many heavy kids running around out there and you know it's it's but you're right I mean taking that first step which is calling a doctor


    You know and actually taking care yourself sometimes is is the heart it's making that stuff

    I feel good I pat myself on the back when I when I take care of something like that


    I do


    That's what you need to do in order to build that kind of you know self love with


    Yeah and I think what people need to realize sometimes we get patients coast to coast and they say well I'm so sorry I did this to my mouth, but I actually when I look at this patient, I'm not judging the patient I'm saying I'm to myself I'm thinking that's great he or she is taking care of themselves


    There's no reason to apologize

    Maybe we should put a sign on your door so you're not judge

    There's no reason to apologize

    You got nothing but love in this office

    It's true

    And I think you're right I mean I think that's a huge fear I mean you know everything you know everything you're saying was is reasons I had this terrible thing of I was like they're going to judge me

    Your were late

    That that this is going to see my mate and look at me and go what's wrong with you man you know and I was embarrassed

    Yeah yeah

    And it's about getting that stigma away

    Yeah and the thing is some things we don't know I for example when I lived in Romania, I didn't know anything about floss


    We didn't have floss so I came here I had a bunch of cavities

    Did you use string

    We used nothing, we didn't even know you're supposed to clean between the teeth




    Its’s education and to

    Yeah it's education so really we want to

    So, maybe we should I start educating people more and more in the in the treatment centers about how important it is and from what i've heard and read recently since I knew you were coming on here that really your health is all it's really all in your in your mouth. I mean everything you know if something should go wrong or you get an infection in your mouth it could spread all I mean all throughout your body and be really serious and dangerous

    Absolutely like a dental abcess

    I don’t think people know that

    Yeah yeah dental abscess is can actually cause brain abscesses


    Or I could cause swelling of the of the throat to the point where you can't breathe

    These are good times


    I actually knew you know you're right a lot of people don't know this a lot of people don't know if you knew

    Don’t know

    Your your tooth you could get something in your right your heart attacks


    Yes, a part of the brain

    Yeah that's what I was that's what by the way if you just tuned in you're listening to Klean radio that's clean with a K the number here is 888 539 2 980 that's 888 539 2 980 a lot is going on on the Sunday night outside of clean radio you got a lot of different things going on but you know


    We have well we have the discussion about your health


    We have Thanksgiving coming up


    We have safety plans to talk about


    Educating people on how to take care of you know their health and good ways and stop procrastinating

    And in the studio tonight we have with us from coast to coast what coast-to-coast dentistry and they wrote it wrong for me so I'm really sorry about that blame but blame it on a bit it on them and from there we have Doctor Sanda and Doctor Olga and okay, so one of the things I want to do tonight is I want to get people and to see you not because I'm getting paid to do it because I actually think you guys are really nice I actually might go to see myself I might cancel my doctor's appointment

    I might too

    On November 25 it on November 28 and go to see you guys if you take my insurance

    Awesome of course

    Do you guys take insurance?

    We do we do take insurances

    You paused for a second I'm a little no

    Definitely take insurances and now actually medical insurances are starting to pay for dental re construction


    Especially for someone who has some kind of some type of a systemic conditions which addiction is


    And it's a reconstruction of the mouth and actually medical insurance are starting to pick up the tab which is really good

    So, one of the things I think is amazing is a lot of people have a fear too I mean I don't know if this is they're telling the truth when they say this but there's a lot of lot of pain a lot of drug addicts have issues with taking pain medicine. What are, there are substitutes right?

    That's a great topic actually not only the the dental procedures are less invasive today


    We practice it's called minimally invasive procedures


    But there's so many different ways to kill pain


    Or to get rid of it not just through medication. We use acupuncture for example we use a low-level laser therapy


    Which has worked great for painting has been used for about 40 years in Europe and Australia

    That's amazing

    And then we also have I use a lot of nutritional supplements for that and anti-inflammatories like Kirsten which is an onion extract which is anti-inflammatory

    Do you have bad breath after?

    Or Brahman papaya or pineapple enzymes

    Okay and we'll talk about that more after the break we're going to talk about pain meds after you go to the doctor essentially. The discussion continues it clean radio com give us a call to 888 539 2 980 that's 888 539 2 980 we'll talk interview

    Are you struggling with an addiction that's ruining your life. Want to have a confidential conversation with a professional that will immediately assist you do you suspect a loved one is abusing drugs and would like a free drug testing kit and consultation. Klean treatment center is standing by right now to help those with addictions and the people who care about them call 888 601 6040 that's 888 60 160 40 or go to Klean treatment center that's clean with a k clean treatment center dot com

    Addiction happens recovery and a new life starts here

    Welcome back to clean radio. We have an amazing show going on tonight I actually really happy these two guests are in the studio tonight they're from coast to coast dentistry. It's Doctor Sanda and Doctor Olga

    Very smiley in here

    Yeah it is

    They are smiley women

    It's a where you guys got to stick a little closer to the microphones, but I like to welcome back to Klean radio as along with my co-host tonight Erica the energy the energy whisperer


    Spiegelman and you guys are the teeth whispers right here I mean I think I think Kathy is your publicist is outside I think she should really go in like get that name for you right now like go online and just get the

    Patent it, copyright it

    Get a good because you know what you guys I think Doctor Katz, if you're out there listening tonight I think I might have found a new dentist

    Oh no

    You got competition

    But one of those things

    You going to fire him on air

    I'm going to fired and one of the things I know he's actually good but there are so many Doctor Katz's it's not like anybody's going to know which one I'm referring to

    I could say

    I could say that but we're in the studio time we were talking before the break about pain about pain meds and so many people have spoken to, you know that are sober far

    So, great such a good subject

    Are you terrified or go out when they go to you know when they get a lot of Dino people that have gone to get dentistry work so they could get high

    Oh, definitely

    And what do you get I mean there are I mean because a lot of timing we live in Los Angeles you know the show goes all across America and to England and all over obviously since we're on the web, but one of the things is would have you had people come in to try to get drugs

    Absolutely and be usually very specific about what they want


    So, when someone says well this thing doesn't work but this thing is really good for me


    Then kind of the red flag goes on.

    I had a patient that I recently treated actually with dental implants and he got his prosthesis says everything looks great every two weeks he comes in there's a little sore on my gum and I want oxycontin and 30 tablets


    For a little so you know so we keep adjusting things he keeps coming and I said okay you cannot get 30 tablets of oxycontin.

    His drug seeking


    And then he said you're no longer my dentist

    Back to the next one

    Have you seen him again that person

    I have I have seen him again and actually he ended up putting a battery view of me online

    On yelp?

    He said I'm a bully on



    Let me tell you something to people out there they listening Yelp is BS okay you know I don't know how people go to yelped and you know 60 people that the business paid can't like write good reviews about it, you know I have issues with yelps oh never trust trust people when it comes to doctors you know and and the most things we what have we become as a society that to go to a good restaurant you need to go to Yelp

    They all will be followers yeah

    Call your friend up ask them

    That’s a whole another

    Yeah but you know and and and it so Judah I Judah I'm going to be your guinea pigs okay and but I trust you already and I trust you not that I'm going to go your office and get an implant but that's something what are people out there not doing correctly with finding the right that had it you know so

    Yeah and I think dentistry has changed so much is easier than ever even you know with all to find a team now


    Because you're working as a different specialties under one roof so you can get everything from A to Z


    Under one roof

    It's helpful


    So, you get people so you're obviously you know that's one of the things people trying to med shop what do you call it Erica what's that

    It's called med seeking


    But also wanted to bring up one thing is you know recently I have a client who she has to have some surgery and I think it does involve dental surgery too. She's she's a couple things wrong, but she's really really afraid to go because she knows she's going to need some pain meds and she knows that it was something that she had struggled with in the past and she doesn't want to you know go down that same road again so instead of someone med seeking she really wants to take care of her problems but wants to have an alternative way in which to deal with her pain and so I think it's wonderful that you provide them other things whether that's you know anti-inflammatories or holistic and so I think it's wonderful for people to know that there are other ways in which to deal with pain


    And I it's so important because I think that's really why you know a lot of people don't get things checked on

    So, you guys are in New York and LA

    Yes, coast to coast smiles New York and LA

    So, you guys split time you guys how does that work because do I have to book you a monkey again because I got my appointment on November 20 hey you're going to be in town man what's going on?

    We're going to be in town

    We can see on Wednesday before thanksgiving

    Yeah that's what I want to get my teeth done. I I want to eat well this year and See you just for a friendly visit see and get to know

    Oh, that's true that's a great point maybe I will come into the office on again I'm scared I it's like one of those things I'm


    I'm not I'm not you know but it's terrifying to even say that you know because I back in my mind I still think I could cancel the November 28 date but there's a reason for everything happening and by the way give us a call tonight at 888 539 2 980 that's 888 539 2 980 you're listening to Klean radio we're in the studio tonight with the great dentist the very periodontists the great I can't pronounce what it is you do

    Doctor Olga



    From prosthetics

    Hey I get the I yes I got it but you must come across that account

    I do that's why


    It’s a problem

    Yeah do you just say to people home a dentist

    Yeah sometimes I do, its just easier this one

    And and you're also nutritionist how did that happen how did one lead what what came first

    The periodontist

    Chicken or the egg

    Came first and I had my own path in life as struggling with with certain health problems, stomach issues and I started studying nutrition at that time and as I started listening to my patients I realize they're struggling with nutrition as well. The majority of people don't know exactly you know what they're bothered by. Most medical problems are part of nutrition


    I believe that


    So, so I started taking nutritional classes and I became a certified nutritionist and I really created my own customized program to incorporate it into healing and

    So, wonderful honestly

    Yeah it is I mean our people I you know obviously people you know you're probably very striving practice but the people every everybody has a different you know a different liking of a doctor. My father personally wouldn't like the doctors I see he wants more of the you know people that don't smile you know he just just tell me what you're going to do do it and I'm done. Me I like the love you know I like to feel.

    You want the attention

    So, do I

    I want the attention yeah I want to feel like I'm the most important you know I want to know you're only talking to me like that and how do you how do you how do you get people like that. Are you find that use yeah since you

    I just I think your personality attracts certain people. So, not every person is going to like every dentist. So, with you know which have a certain personality. So, attract certain patients and we really care about our patients. We really want to understand what their issues are and treat them and you know we actually become quite friendly like good friends with some of our patients and you know because we really do care about them.

    I will judge that after I get my work done with you guys see how good friends we are ‘

    No I was going to ask that because you know what when you have a doctor like when you grow up I'm sure you had the same doctor that you know your parents knew the doctor. Doctor Steiner like doc right like doctors and dentists back in the day they were part of your family like an extension of your family and so I think it's great if you could find somebody like that where you trust them and have a rapport with them and able to you know and trust them with certain you know kind of secret things are not happy about yeah.

    And I think what's important for for the listeners out there is like when you find a dentist go interview two three of them till you find the one you are comfortable with.

    It should be like dating seeing it.


    It is


    You should

    But a lot of people don't look at it like that they look at it like

    That's like finding a therapist or counsellor always say it's try a couple

    It's like dating it's it's okay it's I say treat it like a one-night stand you know go in there if it's great keep with them you know but if it's not never call them again and that's okay

    Money efficient

    They're plenty of fish in the sea right so I mean I you're right though there is something that's great about the familiar that type of thing

    Yeah I mean I always I remember growing up with the same doctor and we had in my mom my mom knew my brother had him. So, I feel like with the dentist I think that would be so wonderful if you could find that connection



    And one of the things I want to do is I want to bring you you know you have a very similar approach one of the things I love about this radio show I love about Klean it's about love you know and there are people out there that are listening you know there are a couple different ways of people getting sober, I mean you know there's you know many different ways obviously but I don't we don't believe in tough love. We don't believe in that sort of like threatening people because how do you threaten somebody that's destroyed their mouth, you know and I think that's the approach you guys are sort of taking or it sounds like is how we treat addiction is we're going to love you till you get better

    Very similar

    Yeah right

    You know we're going to we're not going to beat you up, we're not going to you know

    Make you feel bad

    Right because I had a doctor one time you know that I remember when I was younger and he goes my bad knees and he goes you know if you lost weight you know it would help. He actually said in a very caring and nice way but I had other doctors that said you know you're fat. Look you know essentially they said that and you're of the approach that it's like how are we going to deal with this.

    And I think also because we came from from Eastern Europe I actually was born in Russia too so I had a lot of dental issues myself. So, now when I treat a patient it's easy for me to imagine myself in this patient's place because I've gone through a lot of dental treatment myself so we tried to nurture our patient.

    And they relate they both relate

    Yeah they relate to that.

    You've been there you've done that


    You're like the 12 steps of Dentistry World

    They really are

    Thank you for that

    And you guys are and it's, it's, really cool because I think one of the things is I think people that you know we were talking about before with the judgment with the stigma


    We do live in a society of stigma of you know peoples


    Labels, and jokingly you know when Rand the producer came in he was covering his mouth and he did it as a joke but it's like I remember when I first met my brother-in-law's father is a psychiatrist the whole night I was scared to talk, okay I was like please God don't be judging me you know but I'm sure you guys get that a lot to have you ever been out

    I have been out on a date

    Yeah that

    Is it awkward

    I always get the date like

    I was going to ask you that

    But it's actually very funny I mean like you got into date and like the guy

    He's like he's like napkin over his mouth himself

    He is like covering himself

    He is like what do you do

    Oh, yeah


    Absolutely I get that and you know and so we actually have a oral DNA test right now which actually we test the saliva for bacteria to so kind of bad bacteria is in the mouth and I laugh about it because I say I have to take it out of my dates and have a swish where I know where I'm going.

    I got to take you out

    But if you just tuned in you're listening to Klean radio that's clean with the K the number here is 888 539 2 980 that's 888 539 2 980 want to hear everybody out there's doing tonight Patrick I hope you're doing well. Thanksgivings coming up and you know this is a tough time there's a really tough time for out you know for people all over America right now.

    Yeah, yeah

    You know people are hurting financially

    And a lot of natural disasters There has been kind of stuff going on

    And we're doing something really cool at you know at klean we are doing something really cool and there's going to be like a lot of people a lot of turkey in a lot of food and to everybody out there struggling you know just grab on to people right now and if you're you know if you newly sober just grab on

    Reach out

    Yeah and their meetings there are 12 step meetings going on all the time you know they had like these 12-step-athan you know that like you know

    All night long

    All night long all day long just stay close

    Yeah yeah and and also if you're starting to feel anxious or nervous about the holidays coming up really begin to to think of ways and reach out for help and then have someone help you think of ways in which you could avoid any kind of you know negativity because certainly family members bring that up and an old friends and you don't want to you don't want to lose if you're just newly sober you don't want to lose that right now

    No, you don't and we're in the studio tonight with two amazing women, dentist nutritionist one I can't pronounce what she does from coast to coast dentistry, yeah prosthetics what is it coast to coast smiles. Coast to coast smile. Oh that's why it was off, he said Coast smiles it's coast to coast smiles

    I Like that and that'll

    I like that too right because you could go from New York time while you could go from here to any coast and have a good smile. We're talking about bulimia we're talking about all those things about drug addiction. How do people you've had to have that talk right where you say to somebody


    You know but you know it's really cools now you're having the reverse talk you're saying to people that are out there that have are sober that like have messed up their teeth, you're saying you can get better

    And in one day that's the amazing thing

    What do you could do a whole mouth in one day?

    Yes, we can that's what we specialize in

    So, we do them they mean procedure in one day. The main surgical procedures.

    So, they walk in with broken down teeth and they could leave the same day with beautiful smile

    Well that's not incentive I don't know what is that's pretty good

    I'm like pretty amazed by this wait one second you could feel like 18 cavities in the city


    Not that I have 18 cavities anymore

    Or we could take out all the broken down teeth. Let's say all 28 of them


    And put in implants on a full set of teeth

    Okay can I tell you that's actually really I'm really happy we're talking about this tonight is one of the reasons one of my biggest fears I remember one time I had again even

    Yeah it’s all about you

    Going back to myself but I've had issues with my mouth

    Yeah looks good

    And once I get a root canal and I used to hate what they stuck in after that thing that that antibiotic for a week

    Oh, yeah

    And it smelled like spiced or something


    You guys want to talk about it?

    Yes, eugenol

    Yeah like prehistoric day

    That was like six years ago and so I found the dentist that right across the root canal guy that right across the street was the dentist and so I went from one to the next so they could fill it in right away but you're saying and I think people do have that fear because dentistry you know when you when you have these issues it takes a while

    Not anymore

    Not with them

    Not with you guys and I think it's really and I think for joining a you know for addicts especially my biggest fear is the process


    You know like I'm going to have to do this for a Month

    You want instant results

    Instant result I wanted to results I want to be told today you're getting it done I mean one time, I mean right?

    Instant gratification isn’t that most people want

    I want to right so I'm sitting with the dentistry of instant gratification

    Yes, we love it

    I love you guys

    I love you too

    I wish I had known about you for the past year I'm not joking

    Oh really? I know I jumped around too

    Yeah it's really hard I know you've jumped around but

    No but

    That's the biggest complaints if I do


    To run from one office to another

    To get the x-rays and have the x-rays sent to the

    Because I've stopped in the middle. I've gotten the stuff done but I guess so terrified in the middle that I stopped getting you know that I stopped going the rest of the way

    That's very common for people to just drop out


    They get frustrated because they go to one person they hear one thing then they go to another dentist, they hear another thing and feels like there is no communication. That's why we work together

    I think it's more than frustration I think it's being terrified


    It's, I mean it's let's be real somebody is going into your mouth you know I mean there are three you know it’s been

    But they want some closure too


    They want to know okay I like what you ladies are saying is that you will give them kind of the finale they could've envisioned it and you know they don't have to wait two weeks in order to come back I mean you do it on a day if they want to and so that's what's nice

    Yeah, I mean I used to have my dentist stop you have a stopwatch essentially and tell me how many seconds more

    I will leave an hour for you

    Yeah you know I mean it was just terrifying yeah and you knows I'm the reason sharing this stuff and I'm doing this joking way I know there are a lot of people out there that I hope okay that I'm not the only one that thinks like this but I'm guessing there a lot of people like me.

    I think almost everyone

    Yeah and they're just really and they're really scared to say this stuff out loud you guys are terrifying to them but I'm here to tell you the women of coast to coast smiles are not terrifying

    No and they'd wont judge you

    You're saying they're judging and I'm going to tell you guys what I might be time I just might be their guinea pig and that of the listeners out there listen

    We welcome you


    I have no fears so I'd do it too

    Yes, you don't you're lucky you don't need to what I have to get and yeah

    Yeah because really the mouth is is a window into somebody's health


    And if they're your mouth is clean and their whole body can be cleaner

    Right so tell me really quick with that bacteria swab what are what are you looking for these days what is the newest that

    So, it's amazing now we all saliva we could test so many things well one of the test we have is a swish


    Which you spit into a test it we send it to a lab and we could find which kind of bacteria is causing the periodontal disease


    Yeah, so we could treat it that way it's more specific

    It's not like you know

    Are you able are you able to detect anything else that's malfunctioning with the health with your head over

    Yes, we have other tests and actually there's a huge branch at UCLA we're actually still teach for salivary testing and they're making these devices where you put a drop of saliva and they could test whether you have a cancer


    Maybe or different things

    Let's just say if I ever go to dinner with you I'm keeping my cup. I've seen enough identification discovery. If I see anywhere suave near me let's go let's go to Patrick Patrick from Austin welcome back

    Hi, Patrick

    Hey guys how are you?

    Good, how are you Patrick?

    Doing pretty good yeah

    What's cooking? You know just so you know Patrick is a regular caller and according to Patrick our video guy today you should have 36 days over

    All right I didn't know that

    Yeah, Patrick's has been doing the counting

    Yeah, he has not been counting yeah


    So, basically about 36 days ago Patrick Patrick called in and you know had his alarm clock set to the show through 12 pack abs and he's been sober since

    And calling in

    And calling in and keeping up

    And checking in

    Checking in what do you what's up with you Patrick how you doing this week?

    I'm doing pretty good, I think today was actually the first day where I had a little struggle


    It's kind of scary didn't really have anything to fall back on which is kind of scary

    How the holidays a you being a you getting anxious because the holidays are coming up ready of a plan

    Oh, well I'm going to be my girlfriend all weekend with her family so

    Okay good are they safe are they understanding and

    You know it's the first time I'm meeting them

    Oh, so wow so that could be very stressful meeting. How long you guys been dating?

    Two months

    Okay and you see put Patrick this is what we were talking about and I'm not you know you know I never try to put pressure on you, but he said something we said you don't have anything to fall back on today and maybe one of those things to fall back on is maybe even if he started going to a meeting every once in a while

    Well that's exactly what I was thinking today it was a you know usually I don't know it was where this is it was the first day that I had a like a little urge to go have a few drinks and meaning you know you know alcohols not my thing and but he was just weird how I wanted to have a few drinks because I can justify it a lot easier


    But when it came down to it, it was like mold, crap now what do I do you know it was


    You played the tape in your head

    Have a meeting to go to wow I kind of Miss that

    Right the fellowship


    And you know sometimes Patrick that's lost you know that's that's lost as the fellowship a little bit you know it's okay to go to 12-step meetings if for nothing alone you want to say hi to people

    And a community

    And a community

    And it’s so nice to have that yeah

    You know and if you decide to get into the 12 steps, you do, but just to have that group in that bond Patrick



    No I do miss that I've always been off for it and you know you today was actually funny because when I was out I was out of the store grocery shopping and one of my one of my friends that I met NAA actually stopped by my house to see how I was doing got to know my girlfriend when I was going on

    Oh, wow

    So, it was kind of I don't believe that the coincidence by any means

    Now there are no coincidences Patrick

    Right, and I guess I mean to the point where I I do miss it even even if it's just for the fellowship I do miss it

    So, I'll tell you what Patrick let's make a deal, ok, let's not let's not make a deal lets just make an agreement because a deal I'm probably going to lose, is let's just be real I lose most of them. Patrick I want you to make a meeting this week.

    I think I am going to go tomorrow morning either used to go to the Mondays around here in our I enjoyed them

    Okay I'll tell you what I want you to go and Facebook me afterwards okay

    Okay and just tell me how it want

    Just enjoy it and just enjoy it


    And you're you know try to meet people


    Who open minded open-hearted

    And get a few numbers to I mean get that guys number today your friend from AAA you know because let's say you do get a little stressful. Families are stressful I mean I what I'm heard somebody save pit families know how to push the triggers because they put him there, you know.

    He is meeting his girlfriend

    He is meetings his girlfriend I know. They make movies about what you're about to do Patrick and it's going to be what was your drug again it was meth correct and so we're in the art we're in the studio tonight with the two amazing dentist from coast to coast how are your teeth doing Patrick?

    They are beautiful.

    Oh, really?


    Did you get them

    I've been pretty lucky out of all the years of smoking crack I don't i've never had a cavity never had anything

    But did you know other people that were smoking crack did they have a lot of issues with their teeth

    I didn't know very many who didn't have issues

    Right, that's what I was saying

    I like this

    And Patrick did you know that we're talking about something very interesting other than just going to the dentist, I hope you're you know it's very important you know that when you do gets over to go get your health checked out

    Yeah, well I got insurance luckily through my job and I'm I use it

    That's great

    Okay that’s that's great Patrick

    And don’t forget to brush and floss

    Yeah, don't forget to and yeah and it's it is I mean it's really cool Patrick I'm really happy you called I'm really you know I love the fact that and we were talking about this before is that you know in the same thing with you guys, it's it with from coast to coast dentistry it's that we never push Patrick you know and to all the people out there listening, I don't i've never met Patrick a day in my life. I hope to meet him one day but we never pushed him. He you know he would call the show when he was getting drunk and we never pushed him to get sober. We never said to him hey you can't call in you know and we're not about that you know and and and and and in it

    But that's how you build trust

    But that's right and it sounds like you guys do the same thing you know it's like you're not you know no you're nobody's going to walk into your office and yours they're going to be you know they're going to feel bad

    Absolutely and you have to build that that intimacy and trust with your dentist because we're really looking inside somebody's body right I'm offering it mouth is the opening so so find a dentist so you could trust very important

    Yeah, and find people you could trust Patrick it sounds like you a few of them good that are out there


    And it's time to give him a call you know it's like stop being that bull you know


    And stop being stubborn

    Stubbing that bull, stubbing stubborn

    I'm thinking about the Taurus sign being you know

    I get it remember I won the energy whisper

    Yeah, you're the here the energy whisper I'm in the studio Patrick than I with a lot of whispers.

    A lot of women

    Yeah, a lot of women you know it's really funny I’m just going to be with Patrick stolen one this guy outside the guy that you saw I don't know if even one of the people at the radio station I always calm the man with the golden pipes and he goes hey it's Mr Bond the walking in because I he's like you always have it you know he's like you always have these bond girls walking into the studio I am like where guess you're ready he's like no just talking about the past and I was like wait till you see it tonight and Patrick I want to wish you an amazing thanksgiving.

    I'm so proud of you, you did you do such a wonderful job taking care of yourself

    Have fun this thanksgiving

    Enjoy yourself

    Yeah, yeah I will

    Okay Patrick I'll talk to you next week

    Okay sounds good

    Have a great night


    If you just tuned in you're listening to Klean radio that's clean with K. We're running out of time.

    You wanted to say something I noticed your Doctor Olga, that you just wanted to say something

    No, no, it's a good

    Its private?

    No actually I will tell you what it is

    Are you drawing pictures of my teeth? You guys are going to do me want to come and see you

    We actually have a friend


    Who has a problem with addiction


    She's an alcoholic, so we actually tried to help her but we kind of at the end of our road because we don't know what to do


    And do you know what she's using


    Yeah, just alcohol, she's living on the streets right now

    She's actually a dentist

    Oh wow, and she's homeless

    She doesn't want help

    No, she does not I tried yeah no she doesn't she doesn't want help

    Where is she?

    In LA

    Do you know on it we're on the street she is

    No I'll tell you what I'm going to give you my phone number, if you ever find her you give us a call and we'll try to figure something out

    I would go talk to her


    We'll be like you know


    Will be that you know Erica will whisper. I'll talk really loud. It's horrible when you see that somebody's going through it and it's amazing that we live in a tie it's really amazing that people say just alcohol and I say the same thing and I'm one of those rare breeds I'm the dinosaur of my day that I just drank. It just drank it's one of the few things that can kill you as you're detoxing from it

    It’s the worse it's the worse

    It’s the oldest drug in the world and

    It's poison

    Yeah my heart goes out to end there you know what you're going through in us so many people out there right now are there listening or going through this you know that are going through you know alcoholism addiction and don't know where to call don't know what to do

    And even for them to ask us


    A little bit hard for them so I could tell

    I am honoured I am honoured

    I mean for three years she's been struggling with this and this is at the lowest we've seen her, really

    Yeah, yeah

    And it's amazing because you know it's like it's not just you know for it doesn't care who it affects addiction and dentists Businessman Students

    Yes, it but you can be from highs to lows it just doesn't

    All walks of life

    You know you know I alcohol Thomas was founded by a brokedown proctologist. One of the best in America and basically the guy that created insider trading and they man two geniuses of their industry and it just doesn't matter and it's hard it must be terrifically hard for you guys

    It’s hard

    Because intellect doesn't work with addiction alcoholism you know nothing it's there there's no rationale

    It seems like there's been a lot of negative consequences for her and so you you know intellectually or like how she's lost everything like how come she doesn't want to get help but see it's so much more than that such a beast



    Yeah she's lost her practice already she's about to lose her two and a half year old daughter


    And she just can’t stop yeah

    And she's in you know it's the saddest thing she represents like 99 people out there tonight that are you know that are it that are going through the same thing you know 90 I mean that's just insane and we're running out of time. I loved having you guys in the studio

    Thank you guys for coming

    From coast to coast dentistry

    Coast to Coast smiles

    God okay I'm going to say this again coast to coast smiles with Doctor Olga and Doctor Sanda how do people get in touch with you

    Email us coast to coast Smiles dot com

    Is that the website too


    And I'm going to go and I'm going to go see these guys hopefully i'll get an appointment for this Wednesday if you don't see me there's just because I got scared but Erica will don't tell me to man up and go

    Yeah call and over

    You guys are amazing I just want to thank everybody in the studio tonight from coast to coast miles I got it right that time. I want to thank my co-host

    Thank you

    The energy whisperer Erica Spiegelman and you guys are the tooth whispers from coast to coast miles we had a great show tonight everybody out there have an amazing awesome thanksgiving.

    Have a good night happy holidays

    Yeah, discussion continues a Klean radio dot com

    Are you struggling with an addiction that's ruining your life want to have a confidential conversation with a professional that will immediately assist you do you suspect a loved one is abusing drugs and would like a free drug testing kit and consultation Klean treatment centre is standing by right now to help those with addictions and the people who care about them. Call 888 601 6040 that's 888 60 160 40 or go to Klean treatment centre that's Klean with a k clean treatment centre dot com


  • Top Three Supplements for Daily Health

    Take time to recognize Nutritional Evaluation under the Top Three Supplements for Daily Health as explained by consultant Dr Sanda Moldovan of Beverly Hills, CA Video Transcript
    Hi everyone my name is Doctor Sanda. Welcome to my channel and I wanted to talk to you about today my top three vitamins that I take every single day. I was just about to actually take a shot of vitamin C from my daily dose and my favourite vitamin C dose is actually liposomal delivery and why do I like liposomal delivery because the liposomes allow the vitamin C to go straight into the cells. So, most of it is it absorbs, compared to let's say vitamin C that's on the counter a lot of it can be synthetic and you don't get the good absorptions that you get from this liposomal vitamin C. So, actually when you look at it comes in packages like this and this is how I usually take my shot I have some alkaline water and you can see here is like a goop but it's not going to mix with water. So, when you look at it just kind of sits there at the bottom. I'm just going to swirl this and take it in like a shot and I do this every morning. Vitamin C so important because it's a great antioxidant, it's great for tissue regeneration and collagen formation the other vitamin that I like is vitamin D and I also take this in a liquid form. I prefer to pick my vitamins in liquid form whenever possible. Vitamin D is actually an extract from the wool of sheep and it's actually a vegan or vegetarian friendly and definitely vitamin D is important. Most of us aren't deficient because we're not sitting in the Sun anymore so we need at least about 5,000 IU's of vitamin D a day, in order to be in the optimum level of health and vitamin D is so important with the immune system, not just with bone density. Of course we need the calcium absorption in order for our bones to be strong and we need to take vitamin D for that but vitamin D has been found to be associated with different cancers with immune disorders and a variety of other conditions. So, make sure you take vitamin D daily. The third supplement that is one of my favourites is omega-3 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids can be from vegetarian source as well as fish oil. You might have heard of fish oil but krill oil is also from plankton comes from the sea and that's my favourite way to take it. If you take fish oil that's great just make sure it's a pure form of fish oil and it doesn't have a high level of mercury. For those of you who are vegan or vegetarian you can definitely take omega-3 from flaxseed or algae. So, there you have it those are my top 3 supplements to keep you healthy. Cheers until next time.

    Whitening Your Teeth

    Is whitening dangerous for our teeth? Can it hurt our gums? In this Weekly Webisode, I break down different methods of whitening products and how they work. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone I'm Doctor Sanda. Welcome to my channel. I wanted to talk to you about whitening, is it dangerous for our teeth can it hurt our gums these are all questions that a lot of you might have you know sometimes you put on the whitening strip and you see the that the gums turn white, is that damaging to your gums these are all the questions that I want to answer, but first of all let's talk a little bit about the different whitening products that we have. One we have a whitening toothpaste does it work not that well and actually can cause sensitivity to your teeth because it has more abrasive particles in it. We have white strips for example that you can buy over the counter and you can actually just press on your teeth and you leave them on for maybe half an hour 45 minutes an hour and you get the whining. Those white strips actually work very well but you have to be careful that you don't press the gel on the gums, you really want to press it on the teeth and stay shy of the gums. Sometimes I even recommend actually cutting it if you feel like it's overlapping way too much of your gums and why is that? Because when we put the peroxide over the gum and the gum turns white, part of the cells there on the surface actually die off. Is that dangerous? Not so much. The gum will regenerate but it can be very sensitive and not only the gums turn white but afterwards they will turn red because they want to regenerate and that's just not a good look for you to have. So, the next thing we have actually the trays that are made in the office and sometimes you can make him yourself at home but they're not so precise. We recommend the office ones because then you get a precise fit fit of your teeth and then we give you something like this which is a whitening gel that you can put inside the tray and you can just pop it in like so. So, with a tray like this you can actually talk and you can actually drink liquids. What I do recommend is that you try a gel that's a lower concentration first just to make sure you're not sensitive and then also make sure that you don't get the gel to overflow over the gums and then what happens to the teeth when they're white actually creates little micro pores it opens up the pores just like very much like you have on the skin to take out the stain. So, during this time that the teeth get bleach they're more sensitive to getting stains actually. So, what can we do to protect our teeth is, one have a white diet we call. So, stay away from things like red wine or chocolate that can stained the teeth or even coffee can do that. What you should know is that the teeth can get really sensitive especially if you go to the office and have an in-office bleaching. So, how do we go around it is for you to use something that's desensitizes to close up the pores that were opened up during the bleaching. So, we do this with either a sensitive tooth paste that you can find on the market. All we have certain products such as am I paste which contains calcium hydroxyapatite, without fluoride that has been shown to remineralize the teeth and that's one that's the one I really recommend because I am not a fan of fluoride product. I find that the calcium hydroxyapatite which has actually research behind it can help remineralize the teeth and decrease the sensitivity. If you have any other questions on whitening. Tweet me at ask Doctor Sanda or go to my website at until next time keep smiling
  • Ozone

    Ozone has really changed the way I practice. Our mouth is really full of bacteria and using ozone is a natural way to treat infections. The results I have seen are better than those from antibiotics! Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda welcome to my channel. Today I'd like to talk to you about ozone. Ozone is something that I incorporate in my practice about four or five years ago, and it's really changed the way I practice. Also has been around for a long time, since the 1890s. It's nothing new the first person who developed an ozone making machine or an ozone generator was Nikola Tesla back at the turn of the century, 1900, and a lot of medical professionals started using it and why is that because it really helps destroy any pathogens such as bacteria virus parasite fungus it doesn't discriminate and it's safe to our body. Antibiotics unfortunately only kill a small number of bacteria and if the bacteria is resistant, then really the antibiotic has no effect. We do not have this problem with ozone and really because ozone has three atoms of oxygen there are combined together, to when they enter our body one of the atoms breaks off the bond and it just avenges and pokes holes in the membranes of different parasites pathogens and bacteria. So, why did it fall out of favour how come not more people are using ozone. Well number one we have to be trained to use although it's safe to our body, our lungs and our eyes can be affected because there are the only organs in our body that do not have the antioxidant capacity that the rest of our cells have. So, proper training is required to be used in a medical office but what happen is really at the beginning of the 1900s also and really fell out of favour because antibiotics came into the picture, and it's much easier to fill a prescription than to go into the dental office and get an ozone treatment every day, but what's happening now because we have this antibiotic resistance and really there's these superbugs that we really don't have any treatment for, ozone is coming back so it's not only used in a medical field for gangrene's for non-healing for diabetes for diabetics or not have non-healing ones but also in dentistry because our mouth is really full of bacteria and can be damaging bacteria or parasites or viruses that live in our mouth or fungus we use all zone as a natural way to treat this infection and we are seeing really great results even better than we see with the antibiotics. So, how do you get all zone at home for example? There are actually some ozone generators for the home use and there's also donated oils so I actually recommend ozonated oils and you know there's a couple of them some are kind of mildly used they you can buy online and they're just for the skin or for rashes on cuts and things like that you'll see that that cut will heal, heal much faster when you use ozonated oil because it really protects the area, kills any invading bacteria that's sitting on that wound but also it activates the immune system and the cells to heal faster and there's also small ozonated oil they're very very strong that can be applied with a q-tip on the site whether in the mouth or on the body. I would not put it in the eye, definitely stay away from touching anything with ozone in the eye area. If you have any other questions about ozone please tweet me at Doctor Sanda or go to my website at and send me a message until next time stay healthy.

    Disinfection Using Lasers in Periodontal Diseases

    There are less painful and less invasive ways to treat periodontal disease. Ozone is used first in full mouth disinfection to destroy bad bacteria, fungus and viruses that live in the mouth, followed by laser periodontal therapy. Nutritional support, an oral irrigator and chewable probiotics are all important factors for optimum healing. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone I'm Doctor Sanda, and I wanted to talk to you about a new concept in treating periodontal disease or gum disease. A lot of you maybe have gone to a periodontist and i've had the painful traditional flap surgery, which is very very painful. So, there's other ways to treat periodontal disease today which is much less invasive a much more effective. So, what is periodontal disease. So, here I have a model here you see that gums are actually a little bit receding around the teeth but this one when I actually put my measurement down you could see it's measuring all the way up to almost 12 millimetres so there's actually a pocket that's what we refer to as a pocket. Now when I lift the gum underneath what you'll actually see is that the bone is missing around this tooth. So, actually you see the good bone level on this mm big caved-in area where the root of the tooth is showing and there's no bone all the way around so what happened to this bone. This bone was actually eaten up by the body's enzymes trying to find the back fight the bacteria. So, bacteria is actually settling in deeper and deeper and deeper and there's a constant fight going on underneath the gum. Your immune system is on one side and the bacteria on the other. So, if this balance goes towards the bacteria then we see more and more bone loss. Some people are more predisposed to bone loss genetically than others but we do need the pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria to see this kind of bone loss. So, in our office we use a full mouth disinfection program in order to resolve this issue. There's over 500 different species of bacteria parasites fungus and viruses that live in our mouth and if this biofilm or group of bacteria is imbalanced and we don't see periodontal disease but a periodontal disease we have more pathogenic or bad bacteria but there are saliva tests which we do in our office we can actually find out how many bacteria are actually present in the mouth which are causing disease and based on this information we use ozone and ozone helps us destroy this biofilm composed of bacteria viruses parasites and fungus. So, it doesn't discriminate unlike antibiotics which only act on bacteria. So, all gone will destroy this biofilm and it's used in our office via gas or ozonated water, after which we use laser treatment non-surgically to go inside each pocket and which does two things one is detoxify the pocket and the energy would also help stimulate bone growth and gingival attachment. Basically the gum attaching back onto the teeth. So, I no longer do flap surgery to be able to treat periodontal disease and number two I think it is dangerous for the fact that when we cut into an infected area all that bacteria now has access to the blood vessels and could travel throughout the body. There's been many studies to show that even after a regular dental cleaning, there's a transient level of bacteraemia or infection of bacteria into the bloodstream following immediately a dental cleaning, let alone a surgical procedure. So, full mouth is the infection essentially we address the full mouth. Even if you have several pockets, you still have this bacteria everywhere the tongue the cheeks the tonsils so this is not a new concept it's been around since the 1990s, in Belgium, was actually studies to show to be more effective than traditional scaling or root planning or deep cleaning as otherwise called. Deep cleaning all it does is clean the bacteria from around the teeth but it doesn't address the bacteria inside the bone inside the gums and on the tongue. So, what we do with a full mouth disinfection, we actually use the ozone first to destroy the bad bacteria and fungus and viruses that are living there then we use laser periodontal therapy we give nutritional support such as antioxidants to ensure great healing after such a procedure because we are creating a lot of oxidative stress in your body in order to heal needs antioxidants and lastly we also give an oral irrigator to everyone who needs it because that's really the most effective way to clean when it comes to periodontal disease and biofilm and also probiotics. Chewable probiotics have been getting a lot of attention lately and these probiotics can help build back a healthy biofilm after we've eradicated the bad bacteria. We have had very efficient treatment this way to help our patients heal their mouth and feel better overall periodontal disease shouldn't be ignored because it's really a systemic problem. If you think the inflammation stays just in the mouth think again this bacteria loves to travel and it's been found in knees and lungs in fetuses for pregnant mothers so it does travel so I recommend before you get pregnant or planning on getting pregnant or make sure you actually check your mouth to be as healthy as it can be. Here's to your health in 2017 and until next time be well.
  • Speaker Page - Dr. Sanda Moldovan

    Dr. Sanda Moldovan is an award-winning periodontist and nutritionist. With a firm belief in health from the inside out, Dr. Moldovan identifies health issues that originate in the mouth to empower patients towards a healthier life. Video Transcript
    Hi I'm Doctor Sanda, thank you for visiting my page and considering me for your next speaking engagement. As a lecture at UCLA since 2005, I know just how difficult it is to find the right speaker for an engagement. As a doctor's TV show oral health expert, I love to empower people to live a happier healthier life. After all the mouth is a gateway into one's overall health. As a national spokesperson for Waterpik, I educate people all over the world on how to take care of themselves, so they achieve that great balance between health a great lifestyle and a successful workplace. Right below you'll find information about my most requested topics, some video clips a little bit about me and what you can expect from me as a speaker for your event. If you have any questions, please click the button on the left so we could start a conversation. Somebody from my team will get back to you ASAP, really looking forward to meeting you.

    Titanium vs. Zirconia Dental Implants

    Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Titanium dental implants (one of the most abundant metals on earth with a low grade electrical conductivity) vs. Zirconia dental implants (made out of ceramic, it is an alternative to have metal in your mouth) - Discuss with your doctor which is best for you! Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda. I wanted to talk to you about dental implants today. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth and let's face it we do need all our teeth in order to process our foods properly. The chewing capacity really contributes to our nutritional value. So, what kind of dental implants do we have we have titanium dental implants which have been around since the 1960s. So, here is an example on this side of a titanium dental implant and you can see it's Gray in color and titanium is one of the most abundant metals on earth and it has a low grade of electrical conductivity. This is probably one of the reasons why the cells of the bone love the titanium and attach onto it very very tightly. We call this osseointegration. Other metals have been tried for the implants but none of them worked, because the cells did not like any other metals. So, titanium has being used today not only in replacing missing teeth but also replacing hips, replacing knees for spinal fusion for pins and screws all kinds of things in order to make our life easier and live longer essentially. On the right side I have an example of a zirconia dental implant. So, if you're calling it on implants are made out of a ceramic. Some people say no they're actually metal but zirconium is a metal zirconium oxide is a ceramic. So, zirconium oxide which is actually called zirconia is what a ceramic dental implant is made out of. Some people can be allergic to titanium, although very rare and they do prefer to have no metals in their body. So, for them we actually have the zirconia dental implants. Zirconia talons ones have been around probably for a little over 20 years and we do have quite a bit of studies on them. This particular dental implant has been in the United States since 2007 and it is very comparable to a titanium dental implant. However it does take typically more care when placing a zirconium dental in and there are more expensive than a titanium that i'll implement because of the manufacturing and different surgical techniques that we use in placing them. So, the zirconia dental implant actually comes as one piece. So, one piece dental implant gets placed in with the abutment or the top part attached to it and then a crown gets cemented right over the top. One of the biggest risk with zirconia dental implant is the risk of fracture. Although the newer dental implants made out of zirconia have less of a chance of fracture than in the past. However if somebody has very strong muscles of mastication or very strong like bruxers clinchers zirconia dental implants have more fracture rates than the titanium one. So, it might not be a good option for everyone. There's more and more advancements and zirconia dental implants, so I will bring those to you as soon as they become available, but until then discuss it with your doctor which one is best for you and make sure you choose the right one for your lifestyle. Have a great day and see you next time.
  • How To Brush Your Teeth Properly

    Learn how to brush your teeth correctly by following these easy steps. Be sure to do it correctly so you can avoid ruining your gums. Video Transcript
    Hi guys, I'm Doctor Sanda and let's talk about brushing. I've gotten so many questions from you about how to brush your teeth properly. Some of you are worried about brushing too hard causing gum recession. So, I brought Moh over here. So, we can see how to brush correctly here he is I don't know but he's lost his gums a little bit so we'll just pretend he has gums. Here's my toothbrush and you know you can use actually an electric brush you could use a regular brush it doesn't really matter as long as your technique is good and you're using the tool right. So, when you're brushing with a manual brush what we recommend you do is actually put it right 45-degree at the connection with a gum in the tooth. So, as you're right there you actually want to push the brush slightly under the gum and you want to do small circular motions starting from the back and you extend it all the way to the front don't brush the gums that's really not recommended because you could really damage them if you do that. Definitely make sure you brush two minutes, twice a day, and if you want to use an electric brush hey that's even better. So, how often and how long do you brush? If you have any questions please tweet me at D-R-S-A-N-D-A or go to my website at until next time brush heart.

    How To Floss Your Teeth Properly

    Learn how to floss your teeth properly, especially if your gums are bleeding. Follow these easy steps using the proper floss and movement. If you don't like floss, try using an interdental brush. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda. Let's talk about flossing i've gotten so many questions about how to floss properly and people worried oh my god my gums are bleeding, so let's put some light and do that situation and he I have Moh who's a great model for me today and let's see if we could floss him properly. So, I like a thicker floss like this this is an expandable floss because it picks up bacteria so much better and it cleans much better. So, what you want to do I'm going to try to open Moh here okay so what you want to do is wrap the floss around the tooth like a sea and you want to move it under the gum up and down in one area and then move on to the next tooth. So, make sure you're also floss all the way behind the last tooth there's black there as well I do want to show you one other thing that is very helpful if you have a hard time getting all the way in the back for example. It's called an interdental brush. Here it is so what it is is like many little flosses at the end here. So, what you want to do is actually put the brush in between the teeth this between the molars and circular motion just move it around to the other side if you can't fit all the way to the other side no problem get a smaller brush or you could also use it from the inside like so. So, you could use this interdental brush instead of flossing especially in those hard-to-reach areas in the back, you could find this pretty much anywhere in pharmacy and it'll make your life much easier. Do you have any questions or concerns about flossing. Feel free to tweet me @doctorsanda or go to my website at
  • How To Live With Dry Mouth

    The problem with dry mouth is that you can can get cavities and end up losing your teeth. 1 in 4 Americans today have dry mouth. It could be from cancer therapy, ADD treatment or even anti-depressants. Here's what you can do that home to avoid cavities in the future. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda, and I want to talk to you about today dry mouth. I see more and more people with this issue and you know probably one in four Americans today have dry mouth and this is for different reasons. Could be from cancer therapy from different medications such as ADD medications or even antidepressants so the problem with dry mouth is that it can cause a lot of cavities and then you can end up losing your teeth. So, I want to talk to you about some things that you can do at home if you have dry mouth to make sure that you avoid cavities in the future. So, one of the things I really like is something called aura moist and this is actually like a little lasagne that you actually put on the roof of your mouth and it actually stays there for about two to four hours and it just slowly releases xylitol and enzymes that prevent cavities and it gives you like a more moist feel. Another thing that I like is something called biotin product line which if you have dry mouth you can actually swish with it and it has some silicon in it that actually gives you that feeling of moisture but unfortunately it doesn't have any active ingredients to combat cavities. Outside of the floor I know I'm not such a big fan of fluoride. If you have dry mouth make sure you avoid any sugary products especially lozenges with sugar so read the ingredients to make sure that it's a sugar-free product and it has natural sugars like xylitol which is actually spelled X-Y-L-I-T-O-L which actually promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and inhibits cavities do you have any questions about dry mouth you could tweet me at D-R-S-A-N-D-A or go to my website at see you soon.

    What Is A Periodontist?

    Everything that surrounds the structure of a tooth -- that's what a periodontist does. Did you know that 70% of people today have some form of gum disease? We make sure the oral environment is healthy. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda and I'm a periodontist. Some of you may be wondering what in the world is a periodontist. Well Perry in Latin means around and Dantas means the tooth so everything that has to do with the structure surrounding the tooth that's really what a periodontist does. So, I take care of things such as gum disease which 70% of people today have some form of gum disease gum recession for example a tooth needs to be taken out or in place with an implant, biopsies and making sure that the oral environment is healthy. So, I wanted to show you what really happens during gum disease. A periodontist uses something called a periodontal probe which actually has three six nine millimetre and twelve millimetre measurements to go around the tooth and measure if you have gum disease what you see here is actually bacteria stuck on the tooth we caught which causes bone loss right around there another thing that I do in my practice is dental implants and usually this is about 60 to 70 percent of my patients you can lose a tooth due to fracture or cavities and then the best way to replaces our dental implant. So, do you have any questions for the periodontist please tweet me at D-R-S-A-N-D-A or go to my website at until next time brush and floss twice a day.
  • Best Alternatives To Sugar

    Learn how to substitute sugar with alternatives that are much better for your health. These include xylatol, erythritol and trehalose. They taste and act just like sugar - you'll most likely never know the difference! Video Transcript
    Hi guys, I'm Doctor Sanda, and I want to talk to you about some great sugar alternatives and no it is not artificial sweeteners. I'm totally not a fan of those because they've been shown to cause tumours or even lymphatic blockage. So, how about some healthy sugars, such as xylitol maybe some of you have heard about this but the nice thing about it is that it's naturally derived and it tastes just like sugar and it looks like sugar. So, your kids wouldn't even know the difference. You could use it in baking or put it in your coffee and it will promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your mouth and as well as help decrease even those nasty ear infections that your kids may pick up. Some of you if you're having problems with xylitol because it gives you some gas, try using something like erythritol which is from the same family also naturally derived from trees make sure it's not corn it's trees and that will taste basically just like sugar and you're not going to know the difference. Another great sugar alternative that I like is trehalose and trehalose is not as sweet as xylitol or a erythritol but it's a great alternative and it's also known as the mushroom sugar because it's known to be found in mushrooms but also insects for example bees use it as their main source to fly, main source of energy. So, try it out. It's not as sweet but delicious. Do you have any questions about sugar alternatives? Go ahead and tweet me at D-R-S-A-N_D-A or leave me a question below or go to my website Dr Sanda Moldovan. See you next time.

    Understanding the Good Bacteria

    There is such thing as good bacteria -- they're called probiotics, and we need them to live. From the mouth to the skin, there are good bacteria throughout our bodies and we need to take care of that. In this video, I'll show you some probiotics that are good for you. Video Transcript
    Hi guys, I’m Doctor Sanda and I want to talk to you about good bacteria, is there such thing. Yes there is they're called probiotics meaning pro-life and actually we could not be alive today if it wasn't for the bacteria that's helping us produce all kinds of things in our intestinal tract such as vitamin B12 which is good for energy and help us produce the iron there to help the absorption of it, so not all bacteria is bad and we have bacteria all over our body from the mouth from the skin into the intestines, we actually have in our intestines about about 2 pounds to 3 pounds of bacteria so that's a lot right so make sure you actually take good care of that so in order to promote the growth of healthy bugs what you want to do is eat healthy, keep a good diet less processed foods less sugar but also there's some products on the market called probiotics that I recommend you take on a regular basis. One of them is actually a complete probiotic for the health of intestinal tract and it actually may even give you some energy and I take one of these a day and mine has about 25 billion friendly bacteria that are alive in every little capsule, in this bottle. The other one that we have especially for oral health is actually a probiotic chewable tablet and this is actually pretty tasty it has xylitol on it so it tastes like sugar and it not only promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your mouth but it also helps your upper respiratory tract, so your nose and your sinuses stay healthy and it keeps the bad bugs away, by protecting all your tissues. Do you have any questions about probiotics? Go ahead and tweet me at D-R-S-A-N-S-D-A or go to my website at and i'll be happy to answer any one your questions. Until next time.
  • How Do I Know I Have Periodontal Disease?

    If you're seeing bleeding while brushing, that's not a good sign. In this video, I discuss the signs that may indicate you have periodontal disease. Check out to complete a great risk assessment test to see if you're predisposed. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda and I want to help you today with a question, how do I know I have gum disease? A lot of you have sent me this email is like well what are some signs of gum disease. So, for example a big concern is if your gums are bleeding when you're flossing or when you're brushing if you're seeing bleeding that's not a good sign. Another thing is if you look in the mirror and you see gum receding around your teeth and you're actually seeing the root there that's also concerned that you may have gum disease. A great risk assessment that I recommend to most of my patients or people that are emailing me from all over the world is they have a great risk assessment guide. So, if you go to their website which is the Academy of Periodontology website you could take that test and see if you are predisposed to gum disease. They will ask you questions like do I have a family member who has had gum disease, then you're most likely predisposed to gum disease, smoking also increases the risk to gum disease. So, go ahead and go to their website and check out the risk assessment guide. If you're flossing and you find blood on your floss or worse you're not flossing at all, that also predisposes you to gum disease do you have any questions about gum disease or an area of concern you want to ask me about go ahead and tweet me at D-R-S-A-N-D-A or go to my website at

    Do I Have Oral Cancer?

    Oral cancer is such a common cancer. Just last year, 40,000 people suffered from it. In this video I talk about the 3 most common ways you can get it, how you can test it, and what you can do. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda, you know April is oral cancer awareness week. So, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about oral cancer because a lot of people don't know that it's such a common cancer and just last year we actually had 40,000 people that were suffering from oral cancer. So, how do we get oral cancer. The two most common ways of getting it is alcohol and smoking and then really oral sex. So, what happens is during oral sex we actually have this transfer of the human papilloma virus and it's actually the same virus that causes cervical cancer. Now we do have a test in the dental office that we can diagnose whether or not you have that virus. It's called an oral DNA test and it's a very simple swish of saliva. So, this is actually some saline water and we actually put it in your mouth you swish around it for a good minute you spit in a test tube it goes to the lab and then we find out yes you have the virus or no you don't. If you do have the virus what happens is it predisposes you to oral cancer. So, we have to be extra careful to check you every year for any kind of lesions. So, if you're at home wondering if you have our old can so you can actually go look in the mirror and just look for any little discoloration in your gums on your tongue on your cheeks even in the back of the throat. If you have a persistent sore throat you better have go to have it checked out. We didn't want to make sure that it's a nothing serious. Do you remember Michael Douglas actually had a throat cancer and that's how it happened, he actually just said a persistent sore throat and one who went to the doctor it was throat cancer and this condition could have been diagnosed much sooner if you would have gotten the oral DNA test in his dental office over there. So, what can we do to avoid oral cancer quit smoking drink less alcohol and practice safe oral sex. You have any questions about oral cancers or you want to share a story go ahead and tweet me at Doctor Sanda or send me a message at the stay healthy until next time.
  • Are All Dental Implants Created Equal?

    Let's talk about dental implants. They can range in price drastically, anywhere from $300 to $3,000+ because there are over 300 companies offering them. Here's what you need to know before getting dental implants, and the questions to ask your dentist. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor. Sanda, let's talk today about dental implants. I get so many questions are all dental implants the same, why is somebody doing implants for four hundred dollars and somebody for three thousand dollars, what is the difference. So, let me tell you what that is and there's so many implant companies out there there's about maybe 300 implant companies all over the world and I’m talking about dental implants because that's my specialty. So, we have these implants for about maybe 40 years and actually have one to show you what it looks like. It comes in a sterile container like this and let's say you're missing a tooth and the best way to replace is really with something like this small, which actually will integrate in your jawbone and give you a lifetime of tooth replacement really. So, it's a great investment overall but which dentist should you go with, which specialist should place your implant. Really when you go into your appointment you do want to ask what kind of implant system are you using. That is very important there's some companies that have been around only for a year or two and if they go out of business, guess what you're out of luck if you need to replace your crown in 10 years we're not going to have the parts to do it. So, I use Nobel biocare implant company and the reason is they've been around for a long long time for about 30 years. So, they've have lots of research to show that their implants will last you a lifetime, but that research is expensive. So, all that price gets transferred to your implants. So, it is going to be a more expensive implant that somebody who's doing implants for four hundred dollars. If it was my mouth I would not want that because you don't know if those implants are going to last. So, you're going to spend all that money go through all that pain on your implant is going to fail in a couple years. So, I highly suggest that you ask your dentist or your surgeon what kind of implant system in it is it using and how long it's been around you want an implant system that's been around for at least 10 years. Other than that I think dental implants is the best way to replace a missing tooth if you have a question about that you could tweet me at Doctor Sanda a or send me a message until next time.

    Tooth Sensitivity

    One question I hear often is, "Why do I have sensitive teeth?" The nerve inside a tooth can become irritated which leads to tooth sensitivity. Open micro-channels, tooth grinding, and dry mouth are all potential causes of a sensitive tooth. Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda, welcome to my channel why do you have sensitive teeth you may wander and I get this question a lot well sensitivity in the teeth means that the nervous irritated that lives inside the tooth so if we really look at the anatomy of a tooth as you could see here it's like we have a little micro channel inside the tooth so here's a tooth and then you have the nerves and these little channels going all the way across around the tooth so those little channels could be open and how those channels open. So, if you have acidity in your mouth then you'll have more sensitivity if you grind your teeth you'll have more sensitivity. So, if we're just if we don't address those problems you'll continue to have sensitivity and then the enamel gets weaker and weaker and your teeth can actually start chipping and breaking. Dry mouth for example also can cause tooth sensitivity because saliva is a great way for our teeth to remineralize. So, how do you remember life teeth, if we have dry mouth or if we have acidity in the saliva. Well number one with the acidity you can actually get some litmus paper and you can check your saliva first thing in the morning. It should be right around the ph of seven to 7.5. If you're too acidic underneath under 6.5 and you can tell by looking at the color on the litmus paper then you're too acidic and your teeth will demineralize in order to turn around that demineralization we need to alkalinize our diet so we need to incorporate foods that are more alkaline forming in the body such as dark leafy greens vegetables cut down the fruit and the acids really. We also have some topical products that we can apply on the teeth to help speed up that remineralization. One of them that I really like is mi paste and I don't have any interest in this company but I do like their product the most and why is that because it does not have fluoride in it. It has calcium hydroxyapatite to really help reminerilize the teeth and it does have studies behind it that it does work so it's something that I do recommend you try instead of the fluoride products that are on the market another way to decrease sensitivities to actually have trays made in your dental office or at your dentist office which we can in which we can apply a gel to help remineralize your teeth and that you just wear for an hour during the day and you'll see quite a difference in remineralizing the teeth what about those toothpaste that are on the market which say and there are for sensitive teeth yes they do work they have sodium nitrate in them to help close down the pores of the teeth. So, that way they decrease the sensitivity but most importantly a lifestyle change is important. If you grind your teeth you will have more sensitivity. So, stress reduction meditation wearing an night guard all those things will help protect the teeth but remember number one if you have sensitive teeth is a sign that something is out of balance it's not just something if we just apply a topical product and we don't get rid of the cause of sensitivity then we're not really addressing the problem. If you have any other questions tweet me at Doctor Sanda or go below to my website and send me a message until next time have a great day.
  • Importance of pH Balance in Mouth and Body

    Did you ever take time to think about Importance of pH Balance in Mouth & Body? Consultant Dr. Sanda Moldovan of Beverly Hills, CA explains why. Watch It Now! Video Transcript
    Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Sanda. Welcome to my channel today. I really want to talk about the ph of the mouth and the body and why is that important. So, ph is important because we want to stay at a neutral balance, we don't want to become too acidic or too alkaline for that matter if you're too acidic then disease sets in. So, how do we test the ph usually can take some litmus paper and you can test the saliva or the urine first thing in the morning, and why don't we test the blood you might ask it's really because the ph of the blood actually is a constant 7.34 ph because a body is trying to keep you alive. How do we alkalinize our diet since most of us are actually acidic and what you'll find a lot of you may be in the range of 6.0 ph, so you should try to bump that ph over 7. So, if we look here I have the ph food chart, it's a way for you to alkalinize your diet. What you eat matters. It'll make you healthier or sicker. 90% of chronic diseases today are a result of our food intake. So, what you want to do if your acidic let's say, your ph is around 6.0, you want to use a ph food chart in the alkaline range. So, if you look here at ph of 10, you have a lot of the raw vegetables like spinach celery cucumbers dandelions all those things that can alkalinize your diet. Also if you look here ph of 8 coconut water, is actually like alkaline. So, if you want to alkalize or a quick boost have some coconut water. In the neutral range, you see here most tap water some olive oils or a raw goat milk and things like that. Cow's milk is actually more towards the acidic side and if you look at the acidic things as most of our Western diet the standard American diet or the sad diet which are what turkey beef chicken white flour you could see even some of the fruits like strawberries cherries blueberries those are also tend can be slightly acidic so a big lesson from this food chart is to really try to have from both categories from both from alkaline and the acidic in order to keep your body healthy. For example if you read too much of the acidic ph you're going to get cavities especially in the carbohydrate range, right going bananas and breads and crackers and cookies those are acidic when the ph in the mouth drops below 5.5 cavities set in so try to of course brush and floss but also balance your diet in the alkaline zone if you have any questions tweet me at Doctor Sanda see you next time.

    Personalized Nutrition for Healthy Teeth and Gums, Beverly Hills CA

    Watch & Learn what Dr. Sanda Moldovan in Beverly Hills, CA 90210 has to say about Personalized Nutrition for Healthy Teeth & Gums. Call 310-651-6588 to Consult. Video Transcript
    Hi I'm Doctor Sanda, welcome to my YouTube channel. I wanted to spend some time to talk a little bit about personalized lifestyle medicine. Although I'm a periodontist a nutritionist, I do personalized dentistry and personalized nutrition in my office because let's face it, not all of us are the same. So, the same treatment should not be given to everyone out there. We customize our treatment based on your needs and your nutritional needs because something who is 20 years old doesn't have the same nutritional needs as somebody who's 80 years old or even somebody who is six years old. So, a lot of people walking to my office and we look at their teeth and we can see nutritional deficiencies in their mouth on their gums on the tongue and we make certain recommendations, but for us to really specifically know what is actually going on inside of their body on how they process their foods is through testing their blood or testing their urine but I like the blood testing because we have this micronutrient deficiency test and we can tell a lot of things like what are the amino acids in your body how your body absorbs those, if the vitamin D levels enough if the magnesium levels enough and also what is your antioxidant spectrum. Antioxidants are important for us today because we have a lot of free radicals which are causing a lot of oxidative stress on ourselves and our body doesn't really produce antioxidants, so we need them from the outside. If your oxygen level is really high and you're producing a lot of free radicals and you don't have enough antioxidants then chronic diseases set in like cancer, inflammatory conditions join problems and so on so the antioxidant level is really important for us and with a simple blood test we can actually tell if you need to up your level of antioxidants and protect you long term to give you a healthy lifestyle that you're looking for so the test is called spectra cells and it really takes a couple of weeks for us to get it back from the lab but it gives us a wealth of information and then we can customize what kind of nutritional supplements we recommend to you because not everyone should be taking the same nutritional supplement and they really also depends on the absorption factor so having a healthy gut healthy digestive system is really important for the absorption of these nutrients therefore I do recommend detoxification one week or two weeks program to help keep clean our intestinal tract that is very important.



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