- Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Honey, don’t forget your keys and your teeth!

Honey, don’t forget your keys and your teeth!

I recently saw Mrs. White for a consultation for dental implants. She is about 5’4″, in her mid-60s, full of energy and very stylish. She had a couple of missing teeth on the lower left side of her jaw, for which she was wearing a removable prosthesis. She recently had a couple of teeth removed on that side and this was her temporary fix: a removable one.

“So Mrs. White, how can I help you?” I said to her.

“I’m tired of tasting this piece of plastic!” She said, taking out the removable prosthesis. “But more embarrassing is that sometimes, I leave the house without it and I have to turn around from work to go pick it up. And now, my husband is saying: Honey, don’t forget your keys AND your TEETH!”

“Don’t worry Mrs. White, today, with dental implants, we can give you fixed teeth right away”.

Most people are not aware that today, with the dental implants technology, there’s no need for people to suffer with removable dentures, which can fall out with a sneeze. I couldn’t imagine wearing one of those….and I wouldn’t want to patient to wear one either. After all, it only replaces 10-20% of the normal chewing function and it traps food underneath it…yuck! Here’s an example of what you should expect with dental implants today: minimal to no discomfort and a beautiful smile!

In great health,
Dr. Sanda

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— Testimonials —

I was at work and fractured my tooth. Thank God Dr. Moldovan was working that day.She extracted my tooth and put an
implant in the same day. Shes amazing!!!!