- Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Here’s To A Healthier, New You!

Here’s To A Healthier, New You

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions for different reasons: we want a job that pays more, we want to lose weight, perhaps quit smoking. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are forgotten at the end of January already. Some of us don’t even make it that far!

One important thing in making the resolutions stick, is to get more specific about your desires and write them down. Make them as specific as possible such as: instead of saying “I’m going to take better care of my mouth”, say “I’m going to water floss every night before bed” or “I’m going to brush two minutes twice a day and water floss daily”. Instead of saying “I’m going to lose weight”, say “I’m going to lose 10 pounds in the next four weeks by eating smaller portions and exercising four days a week for 30 minutes.” Getting specific about your goals and setting a timeline will give you a better direction of where you’re going. Setting a plan of action is also important. But be realistic, be kind to yourself. Don’t set goals or plan of actions that will cut out your enthusiasm from the start. Once you’ve made a specific goal write it down in bold letters. Post it somewhere where you could see it every day: post it on the refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, by your coffee maker, by the make up station, in the car, or wherever you get a chance to see your goal at least daily.

Setting goals for the new year is important but how we do it is equally important, so we are left empowered.

What’s your New Year’s goal and your plan of action? Don’t forget to write it down and post it where you can see it daily.

In great health,
Dr. Sanda

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Dr. Sanda Moldovan

I was at work and fractured my tooth. Thank God Dr. Moldovan was working that day.She extracted my tooth and put an
implant in the same day. Shes amazing!!!!