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Beverly Hills area dentist asks, do you share your toothbrush?

do you share your toothbrush?

Do you share your toothbrush? Surprisingly, an Irish health study showed that approximately one third of adults admitted to sharing a toothbrush with someone else. While some patients may not find this to be important, it can be the cause of some oral issues. Dr. Sanda Moldovan of Beverly Hills, CA explains to patients why toothbrushes should never be shared!

Reasons to avoid using another person’s toothbrush

When it comes to toothbrush use, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding sharing a toothbrush with another individual:

  • A toothbrush can easily spread bloodborne illnesses, such as Hep C and HIV. The reason being some patients experience bleeding of the gum tissue when they brush and floss. This can result in exposure to bacteria and viruses that can easily enter the bloodstream.
  • A toothbrush easily harbors streptococcus mutans – the same bacteria responsible for MRSA infections, flesh-eating bacteria, and tooth decay.
  • A toothbrush exposes you to what someone else ate even a day before, especially if they failed to rinse or brush properly.
  • Viruses such as the herpes simplex type one can be spread with toothbrush use. This is the same virus responsible for oral and genital herpes.
  • Fungus such as candida (the same fungus responsible for diaper rash and yeast infections) can live on toothbrushes.
  • HPV (human papillomavirus) can be spread with toothbrush sharing. This is a virus linked to esophageal, oral, and cervical cancers.
  • One of the most common oral infections – periodontitis can be spread via the toothbrush.

This personal item should only be used by one individual and then disposed of properly.

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