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Beverly Hills, CA, certified nutrition specialist discusses four common nutrient deficiencies

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Nutrition Specialist Beverly Hills, CA
With our busy lives and on the go eating, nutrient deficiencies are not only possible, they are common. A nutrient deficiency can lead to illness or fatigue, and affect processes that include water balance, enzyme function, reaction time, digestion, and metabolism. Addressing nutrient deficiencies is critical to the prevention of certain medical conditions.
Dr. Sanda Moldovan is a certified nutrition specialist who helps her patients recognize symptoms of several common nutrient deficiencies.

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  1. Calcium is critical for keeping bones strong and controlling muscle and nerve function. Symptoms of calcium deficiency include fatigue, cramps, lack of appetite, and abnormal heart rhythms. To improve your calcium level, eat foods such as yogurt, milk, cheese, calcium-fortified orange juice, and dark, leafy greens.
  2. Vitamin D is important for bone density and immune function. These symptoms can be less obvious, however. Fatigue, muscle lethargy, and frequent infections can also be mistaken for a viral/bacterial issue or a busy lifestyle. In addition to milk products and fish, spending time in the sun can boost Vitamin D levels.
  3. Iron helps produce red blood cells that carry oxygen. Without proper levels of iron, a person may become anemic. Common symptoms of anemia are fatigue, pale skin, and hair that becomes dull or thin. Foods such as red meat, kidney beans, spinach, and lentils are high in iron.
  4. Potassium is an important nutrient that keeps the heart, kidneys, and other organs functioning properly. Sometimes an illness such as the flu will cause a potassium deficiency. A person who continues to be deficient will experience weight loss, constipation, weakness, or an abnormal heart rate. To improve potassium levels, eat foods like bananas, milk, whole grains, and vegetables.
Proper vitamin levels are important to your overall health. For more information or to schedule a nutrition consultation, call Dr. Sanda Moldovan today.

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