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CT Scans

X-rays have long been an integral part of the medical and dental diagnostics. There is no substitute for the ability to look inside. However, traditional two-dimensional x-rays provide limited information. Just think of the difference between viewing a single photograph and seeing something in person. Some things may be obscured or quite misleading because you can only see one angle. A CT scan gives your doctor a highly detailed 3-D view of the bone and other structures.

This technology has been utilized in American medical and dental offices since the 2000s. CT scans are used in a variety of applications, including diagnosis of TMJ problems, periodontal and dental problems such as cavities (caries), dental trauma, bone damage, impacted teeth, and other dental or periodontal problems. It is also used in the planning of dental implants, evaluation of orthodontic conditions, cleft palate assessment, and more.

About radiation

According to information direct from the equipment manufacturer, a cone beam scan has an average of about one-tenth as much radiation as conventional x-raying techniques do. Thus, there is a significant reduction in exposure.

Benefits of CT scanning

This technology offers many benefits in addition to the lower radiation dose. These include:
  • Gives your dentist an accurate, detailed 3D view of the jaws, teeth, and bone structure
  • Detailed information allows dentists to monitor a child’s growth and development
  • Precision imaging of teeth and TMJ structures are used in designing restorations for optimal comfort and functionality
  • Clearly shows damage or deterioration of the tooth roots and jawbone, enabling us to determine the severity of periodontal disease or root canal infection
  • The procedure is much more comfortable than film-based x-rays, and only takes an average of 20 seconds to complete
  • The results are instantly available with no waiting
  • Digital images are easily viewed, enhanced for greater detail, and integrated with diagnostic or treatment planning software
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