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Treat the WHOLE not the HOLE

10/02/15 | Categories: Tips
I recently had a patient, Greg, who came to me for a second opinion regarding his failed dental implants. He was a very busy executive and didn’t have time for these things, as he explained. He had two implants placed a month prior to seeing me and two… more »

Falling – How to Prevent It and Protect Your Teeth

04/29/15 | Categories: Oral Health, Tips
Martha is a dear patient of mine in her late 60s. She is the caretaker of her husband, Bob, who is in his early 80s. He used to be a teacher, and was never active. His muscles started atrophying at his balance slowly went downhill. He is unfortunat… more »

5 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

04/15/15 | Categories: Oral Health, Tips
Stress – every single one of us experiences stress at least once in our lives, but let’s face it, some of us deal with it more often than we’d like. Many of my patients nowadays are stressed every single day due to a job or family situation. Take Adam J… more »

Here’s To A Healthier, New You!

01/07/15 | Categories: Tips
Many of us have New Year’s resolutions for different reasons: we want a job that pays more, we want to lose weight, perhaps quit smoking. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are forgotten at the end of January already. Some of us don’t even make it… more »

Airplane Food: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

06/26/14 | Categories: Tips
It’s summertime and vacation travel brings with it the challenges of keeping up your healthy food plan while you are away. The first step to clean eating on a trip starts for many of us when we step onto the airplane. Airline food is no longer as limite… more »