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Beverly Hills area dentist asks, do you share your toothbrush?

04/24/17 | Categories: Oral Health
Do you share your toothbrush? Surprisingly, an Irish health study showed that approximately one third of adults admitted to sharing a toothbrush with someone else. While some patients may not find this to be important, it can be the cause of some oral i… more »

My gums are receding, what are my option?

11/24/15 | Categories: Oral Health
Michael came in for a consultation regarding his receding gums. "I'm in my 20s and I want to know if I need grafting." As we keep our teeth longer, we are seeing an increased number of people with recession.   So what is gum recession? If you look in th… more »

Are You Honest About Flossing?

06/26/15 | Categories: Oral Health
A new national survey released this month reveals 27 percent of U.S. adults admit they lie to their dentist about how often they floss their teeth. Out of a little over 2000 people, more than one-third 36 percent would rather do an unpleasant activity l… more »

What If My Implant Fails?

05/12/15 | Categories: Oral Health, Dental Implants
I was invited to give a lecture at NYU together with Dr. Olga Malkin. We presented cases that have to do with transitioning someone from a full mouth of teeth into dental implants without the use of a denture. Traditionally, someone who is losing all th… more »

Falling – How to Prevent It and Protect Your Teeth

04/29/15 | Categories: Oral Health, Tips
Martha is a dear patient of mine in her late 60s. She is the caretaker of her husband, Bob, who is in his early 80s. He used to be a teacher, and was never active. His muscles started atrophying at his balance slowly went downhill. He is unfortunat… more »

5 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

04/15/15 | Categories: Oral Health, Tips
Stress – every single one of us experiences stress at least once in our lives, but let’s face it, some of us deal with it more often than we’d like. Many of my patients nowadays are stressed every single day due to a job or family situation. Take Adam J… more »

Smile For Life! World Oral Health Day 2015

03/18/15 | Categories: Oral Health
Oral health affects not only how we feel on the inside, but it influences the world around us. We know that the mouth tells a story of what your body looks like on the inside: it shows signs of diseases such as diabetes and measles, as well as nutrition… more »

Maximizing the Well-Being of Our Patients through Nutrition

02/06/15 | Categories: Oral Health
We are facing an epidemic of chronic inflammation, not only in United States, but globally. Chronic inflammation can be manifested in many different ways: cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, or periodontiti… more »

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