Dr. Sanda Moldovan

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02/21/17 | Categories: Behind the Scenes
Most of us play super sleuth when we hear a stranger’s name. If it’s a potential date mate, our fingers are lightning rods on the keyboards of our mobile phones, tablets or laptops. We get the instant gratification of immediate information on the object… more »

Are You Ready For Your Close-Up On Emmy Night?

08/04/15 | Categories: Behind the Scenes
I will be seeing some of the most famous faces on television over the next few weeks at my Beverly Hills practice. It’s one of the busiest months of the year for my hygienists as the stars nominated for Emmys come in for teeth cleanings, whitening proce… more »

You are a Peri-what???

05/07/14 | Categories: Other, Behind the Scenes
In this video, I explain all about my work as a periodontist. “I am a periodontist”, I say to someone I had just met at a social event. Most people don’t know what a periodontist is, or does, but the older you get, the more likely you will know what a… more »

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month – Here’s What Parents Need To Know

01/18/14 | Categories: Behind the Scenes
Kids don’t like to brush their teeth. This isn’t breaking news. They avoid it because it’s boring and it takes too long! This doesn’t negate the importance for kids to maintain good oral health. This month is Children’s Dental Health Month, so now is a… more »