Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Here’s To A Healthier, New You!

01/07/15 | Categories: Tips
Many of us have New Year’s resolutions for different reasons: we want a job that pays more, we want to lose weight, perhaps quit smoking. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are forgotten at the end of January already. Some of us don’t even make it… more »

Performing Surgery on Live TV: Behind the Scenes on The Doctors

01/05/15 | Categories: Uncategorized
Many people ask me the following question: “How is it to do live surgery for the Doctors show? It is definitely a challenge.” I remember my first show with them, about 3 years ago, when Dr. Sears, the pediatrician, host for the Doctors, had a wisdom t… more »

How To Prepare Your Body For Flu Season

12/02/14 | Categories: Other
As millions of Americans obsess on the Ebola virus, there are other viruses that are reappearing which have been previously extinguished, such as measles, mumps and even the flu. But why are these viruses really reappearing? I think we should take a har… more »

The Best Way to Confront Diabetes is to Prevent It

11/05/14 | Categories: Oral Health
More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, according to the National Institute of Health data. What’s even more alarming, is that 86 million are on the verge of the disease. Diabetes is a serious condition. The diabetic person has an increased risk o… more »

Cancer Treatments Show Side Effects Inside The Mouth

10/17/14 | Categories: Oral Health
When an illness such as breast cancer strikes, it’s easy to forget about the teeth. But it is important to continue with good oral hygiene practices to keep your body as clean as possible to prevent opportunistic infections. There are billions of bacter… more »

The Waterpik Water Flosser – the Ultimate Sugar Buster

10/10/14 | Categories: Other
With Halloween almost here, it’s hard to keep the kids and even the adults, from eating those caramels and sugary sticky treats. I see it everywhere I go: at the gym, at the bank, and even at the dental office. So if you want that piece of candy, go ah… more »

Do You Know Your Levels of Vitamin D?

08/29/14 | Categories: Oral Health
Summer is almost over, and many of us in Southern California got to enjoy the sunshine at the beach or out and about. Prior to oral surgery, I ask many of my patients: “do you know your vitamin D level?” A common response I get is that we live in South… more »

Do You Share Your Toothbrush?

08/13/14 | Categories: Oral Health
NO WAY! you say, because that’s just gross! All those bugs living on those bristles are just dying to find another warm place to live, like someone’s mouth! I remember when i was in college I saw many kids sharing toothbrushes by just disinfecting them… more »

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